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Workforce Planning Statistics

​CalHR's Statewide Workforce Planning Unit continually analyzes civil service state workforce demographic data, and develops organization specific and classification watch lists biannually in order to bolster workforce planning strategies within the State of California.  

The most current available state employee and retiree demographics information is posted to this page.  To access information from prior years, see the Past Employee Demographics and Labor Statistics archive section below.

June 2021 California State Civil Service Employee Age Demographics​

The following employee age demographic findings are based on workforce data from December 2020​. For an accessible version of all demographic charts below, refer to the Employee Age Demographics Graphs PDF​​​​​​.

Percent of permanent state employees by five year age increments. 

Percent of permanent rank-and-file employees by five year age increments. Percent of permanent managers and supervisors by five year age increments.


Percent of staff service managers III by five year age increments. 

Percent of CEAs by five year age increments. 

Comparison of state employees by five year age increments for permanent state employees, permanent rank-and-file, permanent mana ​​​Generational Cohort Conversion

​Reference the table below to apply generational cohorts to five-year age increments in the graphs above. The age increments identified in the chart below​ are not an exact alignment to cohort years. Note: cohort year ranges are subject to change.

​​Age Increments​​​
​1925 - 1945
​​​Represents 8% or less of 65+ increments in each graph
​Baby Boomers
​1946 - 1964
​55 - 59; 60 - 64; 65+
​Generation X
​1965 - 1981
​40 - 44; 45 - 49; 50 - 54
​1982 - 1996
​25 - 29; 30 - 34; 35 - 39
​Generation Z
​1997 - 2015
​​18 - 24

CalPERS Active and Inactive State Members

Total Active and Inactive State Members | Text Only from 2008 to 2012​

​Retirees' Average Age and Average Years of State Service

 Retirees' Average Age and Average Years of Service by Class Code | Text Only (RTF) from Jan 2017 to December 2017 ​​​

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