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100. General Information

The California Department of Human Resources (CalHR), Benefits Division, is responsible for administering many benefit programs for State employees. Individual personnel departments are responsible for providing information and assistance to their employees. The Benefits Administration Manual (BAM) is designed to provide departmental staff with current information and changes to the benefits.
Although it is the responsibility of each personnel office to provide required notices and COBRA information to their employees, this manual includes a section on COBRA as it relates to programs administered by CalHR.

101. Manual Revisions

Revisions to the BAM will be updated on CalHR's web site as needed.  Any significant changes to the BAM sections will be listed at the beginning of each section. Many of the Benefits Programs will issue Personnel Management Liaison Memos (PML's) to notify departments of future changes to their respective program information and procedures.
  Updated: 12/15/2016
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