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Employee Orientation

​Welcome to State Service!

Welcome to California state employment! You have joined a team of dedicated and talented civil servants whose work impacts the lives of millions of Californians. Thank you for choosing us and we hope that this information will facilitate your transition into state employment.

This New Employee Orientation provides you with general information about state service and your benefits as a newly hired employee. Your personnel office and supervisor will provide an orientation specific to your department and the program in which you work. If you have questions about this orientation, please contact your personnel office.

Find your personnel office's contact information

California personnel office directory (State Controller's Office)​​​​

​My Rights

Employee Organizations

You have the right to participate in employee organization activities on your own time. Your "own time," or "non-working" hours, includes lunch periods and time before and after work, excluding breaks. You may not be discriminated against, granted preferential treatment, or have reprisal taken against you because of membership (or non-membership) or lawful involvement in an employee organization or its activities.

Performance Appraisals

Once you are a permanent state employee, your work will be evaluated by your immediate supervisor. You and your supervisor will participate in the regular employee appraisal process throughout your career. This gives you and your supervisor an opportunity to discuss your job performance and career development.

My Responsibilities

The following four sections summarize your responsibilities as a state employee:


You are responsible for arriving at and leaving work at the times agreed upon by your supervisor, including returning on time after lunch and break periods.

If you are unable to report to work, notify your supervisor at the beginning of your usual workday, or as soon as possible.

If you are absent from work for more than five days without notifying your office, you may be discharged from state service for being absent without official leave (AWOL).

Be sure you understand your work schedule and ask your supervisor if you have questions. Some agencies offer flexible work hours.


You are expected to behave courteously and responsibly at all times. Remember that the image of an organization rests upon the behavior of the employees who represent it.

You represent the State of California. It is important for you to make a positive impression on those you serve and your coworkers.

Your dress and appearance should be appropriate for the type of work you do. Your supervisor will let you know if there are any special dress requirements.

​​Ethical Behavior

You are prohibited from using state facilities, equipment, or work time to conduct personal business. Your agency/department will provide you with a copy of its guidelines regarding incompatible activities; you must abide by these guidelines. In addition, some employees are required to file financial disclosure statements, depending on their position.

You are prohibited from using drugs (other than medication prescribed by your physician). Drinking alcohol, being intoxicated, or having open containers of alcoholic beverages of any kind on state premises, or while conducting state business, also is prohibited.

You may not display any sign, slogan, pin, or other item containing words or symbols offensive or insulting to any group or individual, nor of a partisan political nature.

You may not participate in political activity that involves the use of any state resource, which includes state property, funds, equipment, supplies, phones, computers, vehicles, travel, and work time. Serving as a precinct board member does not constitute political activity in this context.

If you are considering any political activities, first check with your supervisor regarding activities prohibited by the California Government Code or your collective bargaining agreement. Infractions in any of these areas could result in actions ranging from an informal reprimand to dismissal.


Each department makes every effort to provide a safe and healthy work environment. It is your responsibility to perform your assignment and operate equipment safely. If during the course of your work you notice a situation that may endanger someone's health or safety, notify your supervisor immediately. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

If you are required to drive a vehicle on official state business, you must have a valid driver's license appropriate to the type of vehicle(s) you operate. You will be expected to attend and successfully complete an approved defensive driver training course at least every four years. In addition, all employees who drive or are passengers in any vehicle used in the conduct of state business are required to wear seat belts

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