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Labor Agreements and the 2021 Budget


As a result of recent labor negotiations, a number of existing agreements between the state and represented employee organizations have been amended by side letters. Also new agreements have been achieved for bargaining units with expiring contracts.​

​Approval Process 

A new MOU is implemented after it has been ratified by the union, approved by the Legislature, and signed by the Governor. Side Letters, which are amendments to an existing MOU, may take effect sooner. CalHR does not release information about new labor contracts or amendments until the Legislature has been officially informed. Once the Legislature is informed, CalHR posts information on its website. You can find more information about the bargaining process by visiting the Bargaining / Contracts​ webpage.​

Excluded Employees

CalHR has authority to adjust employee compensation for employees not covered by collective bargaining. The Administration is developing the excluded employee compensation package for Fiscal Year 2021-22​. This information is released after the signing of the budget.​

Pay Letters

After approval of the Budget Act of 2021, CalHR will issue a series of pay letters and other communications outlining the specifics of adjustments described below for represented employees as well as the approved excluded compensation package.
  Updated: 6/8/2021
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