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Health Benefits


The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) is responsible for the administration of the Health Program, subject to the Public Employees' Medical and Hospital Care Act (PEMHCA). Through the process of delegation, CalPERS has given departments the responsibility of processing certain day-to-day transactions and providing general information and assistance to their employees.  The CalPERS State Health Benefits Guide provides clear and up-to-date instructions on how to prepare and process health benefit enrollment documents according to existing regulations and policy.

Accuracy = Success


In many ways, departmental personnel staff are the key component to the success of the state's goal to ensure proper enrollment procedures and the application of appropriate benefits coverage. To illustrate the importance of accuracy, here are some examples of what happens when even the smallest errors are made:

  •  An unnecessary loss or diminishment of an employee's benefit or income.
  • A loss of valuable employee and departmental staff time trying to resolve an issue.
  • An increase to the employer's health care costs, which has a direct impact on the level of service that the state can provide to its employees.
  • An increase in the level of stress, for both the employee and personnel staff.
  • A perception that personnel staff is indifferent or uncaring.

The following are some resources available to help in health benefit enrollment: 

CalPERS State Health Benefits Guide

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • CalPERS Communication
  • Health Plan Options
  • Health Eligibility Requirements
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage & Uniform Glossary
  • Direct Payment Authorization
  • Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
  • Employee Separations
  • Health Benefits into Retirement
  • Separation and Retirement Dates
  • Post – Retirement Health Vesting
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Retiree Dental and Vision Coverage 

Health Plan Information & Rates

  Updated: 8/25/2016
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