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Career Executive Assignments Delegation Agreement Template

​Career Executive Assignments Delegation Agreement Template

This delegation agreement will be signed by each department's Director, or an executive level designee. Having the highest level of department management sign the Delegation Agreement reflects CalHR’s expectation that human resources staff will have executive support on difficult or unpopular allocation decisions when those decisions reflect an effort to adhere to sound allocation principles. In addition to the department's Director, this delegation agreement will also be signed by each department's Chief of Administration, Chief of Human Resources, and the Personnel Officer, depending on structure.


On behalf of the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR), this delegation agreement will be signed by the Delegation Project Manager and each department's Personnel Management Division (PMD) Analyst.



The [DEPARTMENT NAME] agrees to work in partnership with the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) Personnel Management Division (PMD) to implement the delegation plan outlined in this Delegation Agreement. This Delegation Agreement is developed in accordance with CalHR’s objective of encouraging partnerships between departmental human resources offices in order to simplify the personnel management system for Career Executive Assignments (CEAs) and to optimize its effectiveness. This Delegation Agreement is intended to provide the [DEPARTMENT NAME] with the authority and responsibility for reviewing and acting on the personnel management program elements identified for delegation.




The [DEPARTMENT NAME] will submit reports (Monthly CEA Reporting Worksheet) to its PMD Analyst that reflect any changes to a CEA position (i.e., new CEAs, level changes, salary changes, etc.).


The [DEPARTMENT NAME] will maintain up-to-date staffing records on each CEA position as changes occur including CEA Leveling Criteria worksheets, organizational charts, etc.  Access to these documents will be made available and provided to CalHR within five (5) working days of CalHR request.


The [DEPARTMENT NAME] will maintain a personnel action tracking system to control and monitor its CEA program.


CalHR will conduct internal monitoring of the monthly reports submitted by the [DEPARTMENT NAME] . If there are discrepancies in these reports, or other salary or allocation issues, CalHR will conduct a more in-depth review, including a site-visit to the department.


CalHR reserves the option to revise or cancel the terms of this Delegation Agreement authorized to the [DEPARTMENT NAME] at any time.The [DEPARTMENT NAME] also reserves the option to request revisions or to cancel this Agreement if it deems such action is appropriate.





This delegation is based on the [DEPARTMENT NAME] acceptance of responsibility for the proper leveling and salary movement of its CEA positions.


The [DEPARTMENT NAME] in partnership with CalHR, will consult with its PMD Analyst in developing new CEAs.


The [DEPARTMENT NAME] will provide a complete copy of the new CEA package to CalHR in support of CEA salary cap increases.


CEA level determinations shall be delegated to the [DEPARTMENT NAME].The CEA Level Guidelines found in the CEA Position Request (CalHR 881) shall be used when making changes to an existing CEA, as well as when establishing the level of a new CEA.


The CEA salary cap will be established for the [DEPARTMENT NAME] by adding the number of positions assigned to each level and multiplying them by the maximum salary rate of the level.  If a CEA is over the maximum salary of its approved level, the actual current base salary will be used for this calculation.


The assigned PMD Analyst has reconciled the [DEPARTMENT NAME] current CEA positions and has made a final determination of the salary cap.


Once the salary cap is established with signing of this Delegation Agreement, the [DEPARTMENT NAME] must not exceed the salary cap at any time.  The [DEPARTMENT NAME] is expected to remain within its CEA salary cap and is responsible for exercising sound personnel and fiscal management practices for its CEA program. 


The CEA salary cap will only be increased when:


  • A new CEA position is established;

  • A new program is added to the [DEPARTMENT NAME] that supports increasing the level of a CEA position; or

  • A new pay program is approved for CEAs.


CalHR will not increase the salary cap for any other reason.  In addition, CalHR will not increase the salary cap when an incumbent is paid above the appropriate level of the position.


As of [DATE],CalHR has approved an annual salary cap in the amount of  $  _________________  for the [DEPARTMENT NAME].


CalHR will decrease the salary cap if a CEA position is abolished or converted to an exempt or regular civil service position.




We believe that we can make the classification plan and State Government better, and each of us accepts responsibility to do his or her part to accomplish these goals.  We are committed to:


  • Maintaining a classification plan that is consistent with the standards and guidelines of the administration of the personnel management system.

  • Maintaining working relationships that promote discussion and resolution of issues that can be solved through classification actions.  Such discussions would take place prior to recommending solutions to the Department’s operations and programs.

  • Fostering good working relationships where there is trust, cooperation, and open communication to facilitate the resolution and avoidance of classification or compensation problems.




The [DEPARTMENT NAME] agrees to participate in this Delegation Agreement for one year effective [DATE] through [DATE].  This Delegation Agreement will be reviewed and evaluated by CalHR at the end of the one-year period and may be extended, with or without modifications.  The terms of the Delegation Agreement may also be reviewed at the request of the [DEPARTMENT NAME] or CalHR prior to the one-year period.


By signing this Delegation Agreement, the [DEPARTMENT NAME] agrees to all of the specified conditions described above, agrees to abide by the provisions of the Values and Ethics Statement, and agrees there will be no increase to [DEPARTMENT NAME] salary and wages budget as a result of this Delegation Agreement.


By signing this Delegation Agreement, CalHR agrees to provide delegation of salary and level determinations, but reserves the right and responsibility to exercise any of the specified actions described above at any time at its discretion.


/s/ Human Resources Personnel Officer / Date


/s/ Chief of Administration / Date


/s/ Director / Date


/s/ Program Manager / Date
California Department of Human Resources


/s/ Personnel Management Analyst / Date
California Department of Human Resources


  Updated: 5/8/2014
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