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Controlled Substance Abuse Testing and Treatment Departments with Sensitive Positions

​​​​​​​​​​​If the employing department determines a classification or position meets the definition of “sensitive” as specified in the California Code of Regulation, section 599.961, the department must submit a sensitive position request to CalHR for review and approval. If approved, the employees in the classification or position is included in the testing pool for the CalHR, Controlled Substance Abuse Testing and Treatment (CSATT) Program.

CSATT Participating Departments

You may review the list of sensitive classifications and positions for the following departments.

  1. Air Resources Board (under review)
  2. Alcoholic Beverage Control (PDF) 
  3. California Conservation Corps (PDF
  4. California Highway Patrol (PDF
  5. California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA) (PDF)
  6. California State Lottery (PDF
  7. Department of Consumer Affairs (PDF
  8. Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) (P​DF​)
  9. Department of Developmental Services (PDF) 
  10. Department of Education (under review)
  11. Department of Fish and Wildlife (CD​FW 8.31.22.pdf
  12. Department of Food and Agriculture (under review)
  13. Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) (PDF​) 
  14. Department of Health Care Services (under review)
  15. Department of Justice (PDF)
  16. Department of Motor Vehicles (PDF)
  17. Department of Parks and Recreation (PDF
  18. Department of State Hospitals (PDF
  19. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (under review)
  20. Department of Water Resources (PDF)
  21. Franchise Tax Board (under review)
  22. Tehema Fair-30th District (under review)

For detailed information, please review the CalHR, Controlled Substance Abuse Testing Policy, Section 3201.

To obtain assistance, please send an email to

  Updated: 3/24/2022
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