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Military Leave - Health Benefits

Your health benefits will continue while you're receiving military leave with pay. You're responsible for paying your health benefit premiums.
While you're on military leave during war or national emergency, you'll continue to receive health, dental, and vision care benefits for up to 180 calendar days (or 730 calendar days if you're called to active duty for the War on Terrorism).
If you're enrolled in the FlexElect Program with the Cash Option in lieu of health coverage, dental coverage, or both, you'll continue to receive cash, regardless of whether you receive an adjusted State warrant or opt to retain your military pay.
Before going on military leave, if you're enrolled in a health benefits plan, you must complete a CalPERS Direct Payment Authorization form (HBD-21), obtained from your personnel office. Indicate whether or not you want to continue your benefits while on duty.
If you elect to continue your health benefits coverage while on military leave without pay, you'll have to pay the entire monthly premium. You'll need to make payments directly to the health benefit carrier by the 10th of each month while you're on military leave.
If you elect to discontinue your health benefits while on military leave, and you later rejoin State service, you must reenroll within 60 days. Otherwise, you'll need to wait until an open enrollment period. Or you can apply by submitting a Health Statement application, which requires certification of approval by the health benefit carrier.
If you have any questions, please contact:
CalPERS, Health Benefit Division
Post Office Box 942704
Sacramento, California 94229-2704
  Updated: 5/16/2012
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