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CalHR Non-Traditional Apprenticeship Program


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Steps to apprenticeship: 1. identify development need; 2. launch program; 3. learn on-the-job and in-class; 4. graduate!Departments and employees alike are turning to non-traditional civil service apprenticeship programs to fulfill key goals.

Departments leverage non-traditional civil service apprenticeships to increase diversity and inclusion, and pursue upward mobility, workforce planning and succession management goals.​

Departments learn m​​​​​ore!​​

State employees working for departments participating in non-traditional
apprenticeship programs learn new skills while earning their current salary and advancing their career​

Employees learn more!​

View the growing list of participating departments and alumni​​.​




First Civil Service Career Exploration Program Concludes! Civil Service Career Exploration Program Concludes!5/30/2024 1:00:00 PMNA5/31/2024 4:00:00 AM<p>​​</p>

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Department supervisors, managers and human resources professionals who are interested in learning more information about non-traditi​onal apprenticeship programs can contact CalHR at​.
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