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Analyst Virtual Help Desk

​Thousands of people working for the State of California have "Analyst" in their job title. What does an analyst do?

Analysts can work in operational areas, like personnel and finance, or in program areas, like health care. Either way, analysts help support the decisions made by the State government by providing clear, thorough, and objective information.

The analyst virtual help desk will tell you

  • What it takes to be a successful analyst
  • What kinds of analyst jobs are out there
  • How to become an analyst
  • Where to get free training
  • How a bill becomes a law
  • How to find a career that's right for you
  • How to develop as an analyst

We hope this tool helps you achieve your professional goals. It is not meant to replace or supersede any policies or procedures departments have in place. You should work closely with your supervisor to ensure your work products meet the expectations of your position and department.

What it takes to be a Successful Analyst

  Updated: 7/9/2013
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