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Join California's initiative to modernize government and enhance performance.


Modernizing Government, CA Lean Academy 
The California Lean Academy is dedicated to modernizing the processes of government and improving performance. The Academy provides and oversees training for state workers and public service agencies on Lean methodology, tools and techniques to continuously improve any process by working smarter and eliminating waste. Academy programs include a one-day White Belt, White Belt Training for Trainers, one-week Yellow Belt, and the Green Belt, a six-month, project-based Lean Six Sigma training session, as well as other courses.

Growing Leaders, CA Leadership Academy
 The California Leadership Academy provides foundational training for supervisors, managers, and executives in state service. Those positions require a specific set of skills to manage other employees and provide leadership. The Academy’s programs are designed to teach you what you need to know to be effective and successful in your new role.

Developing Your Career, Learning for You   ​   
 Learning should not stop once you begin a job and master its basic requirements, no matter what your age or your level. In fact, continuous learning and constant skill development are key elements to improving your job performance and advancing your career. We have a wide range of training classes that can help you build your skills across the board, stay up to date and meet your own unique needs.

  Updated: 8/28/2018
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