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Annual Census 2019


Census of Employees

2019 An​nual Cen​s​us Report ​​(P​DF)​​​​ for viewing and printing. ​

Raw data (CSV) files and field definitions for tables from the Annual Census Report are listed below.

Table A: State Civil Service Representation by Gender for All Agencies
 2019 Annual Ce​nsus Table A ​Raw Data​ | 20​​19 Annual Census Table A Field Definitions​​​​​

Table B: State Civil Service Composition by Agency with 30 or more Employees
 2019 Annual Census Table B Raw Data 2019 Annual Census Table B Field Definitions​​​
Table C: State Civil Service Composition by Age and Gender
2019 Annual Census Table C Raw Data ​| 2019 An​nu​al Census Table C Field Definitions​
Table D: State Civil Service Composition by Job Category
2019​ Annual Census Table D Raw Data ​​​​| 2019 Annual Census Table D Field​ Definitions

Table E: State Civil Service Workforce Composition by Salary
2019​ Annual Census Table E Raw Data 2019 Annual Census Table E Field Definitions​​​​

Table F: State Civil Service Composition by Job Category and Salary
2019​ Ann​ual Census Table F Raw ​Data​ ​| 2019 Annual Census Table F Field Definitions

Table G: Demographics by County of State Civil Service, Civilian Labor Force, and Population​
2019 Annual Ce​nsus Table G Raw Data ​| 2019 An​nual Census Table G Field Definitions

Table H: State Disability Representation and Hiring Goals by Agency
2019 Annu​al Census Table H Raw Data​ ​| 2019 Annual Census Table H Field Definitions
Table I: State Civil Service Upward Mobility Program Participation and Hiring Goals by Agency
2019 Annual ​Census Table I Raw Data​ ​| 201​9 Annual Census Table I Field Definitions

Table J: State Civil Service Separations by Agency with 30 or more Separations
2019 ​Annual Census Table J Raw Data​ ​| 2019 Annual Census Table J Field Definitions

Table K: State Civil Service Separations by Job Category
2019 Annual Census Table K Raw Data​ ​​​| 2019 Annual Census Table K Field Definitions​​

Table L: State Civil Service Appointments by Type
20​19 Annual Census Table L Raw Data​ ​​| 2019 Annual C​ensus Table L Field Definitions​​​

Table M: State Civil Service Separations by Retirement Status
2019 Annual Census Table M Raw Data​ ​| 2019 Annual Census Table M Field Definitions​​​​

  Updated: 10/5/2021
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