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Controlled Substance Abuse Testing and Treatment Program

​CalHR is committed to supporting employee wellness and safety, including for employees who are struggling with substance use disorders; therefore, CalHR focuses not only on identifying drug and alcohol use in the workplace, but also on assisting employees to safely return to work by offering rehabilitation options. CalHR's Controlled Substance Abuse Testing and Treatment Program (CSATT) within the Medical and Psychological Screening Division provides drug and alcohol testing and treatment referral services for federal and state mandated programs.

CalHR contracts with two vendors to provide these services to client departments within the California state government. Pre-employment, random, and reasonable suspicion testing services are provided by i3screen, LLC. SAP Referral Services provides referrals for treatment, as needed, when an employee tests positive. A departmental interagency agreement between CalHR and the participating department must be completed prior to obtaining CalHR CSATT Program services. 

You can reach CSATT at

Legal Authorities

·       Executive Order D-58-86

·       Government Code 18502

·       Government Code 19261

·       Government Code 19820

·       Government Code 19158.4

·       Government Code 213.0-213.6

·       Government Code 599.960-599.966

  Updated: 3/23/2023
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