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Changes to the Career Executive Assignment (CEA) Program - Policy Memo Reference 2013-027  

Revisions to Policy 


Career Executive Assignment (CEA) Program Policy Memos
DateTitle Policy Memo Reference Status
8/16/2013 ​​Changes to the Career Executive Assignment (CEA) Program2013-027 Current 
​3/26/2008 ​CEA Salary Program​2008-012Superseded



CEA Salary Program 

Policy Memo Reference: 2008-012

Date Issued: 3/26/2008

From: Department of Personnel Administration, Classification and Compensation Division

Contact: Debbie Baldwin, 916-323-8495, fax 916-327-1886,



Due to severe budget constraints, CEA salary increases will be limited effective immediately and until further notice. The Department of Personnel Administration (DPA) PML 2006-006 is rescinded and the following shall apply:



  • Appointments shall be within the salary range for the applicable CEA level approved by DPA. Upon initial appointment, a CEA shall be entitled to the rate within the salary range five percent above the rate last received or minimum of the range.



  • After the initial appointment and the first 12 months of service, a CEA may be granted a five percent salary increase up to the maximum of the CEA level. The annual salary movement for CEAs shall not exceed a maximum of five percent in a fiscal year up to the maximum of the level (which is consistent with rank and file classifications having the ability to move via a Merit Salary Adjustment).



  • Salaries shall not exceed the maximum of the authorized CEA level. The authorized salary range for each CEA level is:



CEA 1 $6,173 - $7,838

CEA 2 $7,815 - $8,616

CEA 3 $8,594 - $9,476

CEA 4 $9,018 - $9,939

CEA 5 $9,544 - $13,381



The maximum rate for non-attorneys, non-engineers, and non-physicians is $10,520.



  • All CEAs currently above the maximum of their respective level are frozen.





  • If a CEA’s current salary is above the maximum of their appointed level, the CEA may retain their current salary upon appointment to a new CEA.





  • A salary exception may be made if a CEA can demote to a subordinate classification that has a higher salary rate than the CEA class. Example: A District Manager (CEA 2) who has an engineering license and has reinstatement rights to a Supervising Transportation Engineer.





  • All exceptions to exceed the five percent salary movement within a fiscal year must be submitted to DPA’s Executive Compensation Unit for approval.





  • Any salary movement into the “Restricted Zone” for Engineers, Attorneys, and Physicians must be submitted to DPA’s Executive Compensation Unit for approval.




DPA is conducting an audit to ensure that salaries above CEA Level 5 are restricted to Attorneys, Engineers, and Physicians, or are DPA approved exceptions. Additional salary policies may be forthcoming based on the results of that audit.




The Governor’s Office may authorize an increase for an Exempt appointee. DPA will provide a recommendation for the Governor’s Office consideration. Departments must submit Exempt Position Requests to DPA as well as to the Governor’s Office. Approval will be limited and justified on a case-by-case basis.


/s/Belinda Collins

Belinda Collins, Chief


Classification and Compensation Division 

  Updated: 12/19/2013
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