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​​​Military Leave - What You Need to Do to Request Leave

Give notice

When you're ordered to active duty, provide a copy of your order to your employer.

Fill out the Military Leave Worksheet

If you want to

Deductions from your State pay

  • You won't have retirement deductions while you're on military leave for a war or national emergency.
  • Your benefits deductions for health, dental, and vision benefits will continue.
  • You'll need to decide whether to continue your discretionary deductions based on your adjusted pay.
  • See Health Benefits for more information.


If you're enrolled in a health benefits plan

If you're enrolled in a health benefits plan you must complete a CalPERS Direct Payment Authorization form (HBD-21), which you can obtain from your personnel office. Indicate whether or not you want to continue your benefits while on duty.

How you'll be paid

The State will issue an adjusted pay warrant to your department monthly. Your department will pay the warrant in the manner you requested on the worksheet.

If your service date is postponed

If you're granted a military leave, but your military service is postponed for any reason, please contact your supervisor or personnel office immediately. You'll return to work until your military service begins.
  Updated: 5/20/2013
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