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Policy Program Team

​The Policy Program Team serves as the state's principle policy advisors on selection matters related to examination administration, certification and hiring activities including the interpretation and application of related laws, rules, and regulations. This team's responsibilities include writing CalHR policy based on government code and SPB regulations and updating the Merit Selection Manual.

Merit Selection Manual: Policy and Practices

The manual establishes operational standards and guidelines for conducting selection processes for the State's civil service, as well as documents professional best practices. The manual contains discussions of key selection subjects, addressing the issues and factors that directly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the State's selection program. The manual is a living document and will be updated and revised as necessary to ensure that it reflects the latest regulatory requirements and industry best-practices affecting the employment testing profession.

CalHR is committed to ensuring that the merit principle is embodied in the State's civil service, and each of you plays an integral role in this mission. CalHR encourages every agency and department to model their selection programs around both legal requirements and state-of-the-profession innovation. Through the utilization of a sound, job-related selection program, the State can be assured of a qualified, productive workforce. Selection decisions will be made on the basis of objective, job-related criteria.

CalHR staff are available to provide technical assistance and guidance in every aspect of the selection process.

The Merit Selection Manual may be found on the State Personnel Board's website.

Online HR Manual

The Online HR Manual is the resource that state of California HR professionals can rely upon for clearly explained Human Resources policy. It will be updated as new regulations come into effect.

Please contact for any policy related questions.


  Updated: 9/13/2017
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