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Statewide Workforce Planning and Succession Management


The CalHR Statewide Workforce Planning Unit is committed to building a quality sustainable workforce for the State of California.


Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is having the right number of people with the right skills in the right jobs at the right time. The State of California Workforce Planning M​odel provides guidance for developing a comprehensive workforce plan that aligns staffing with the strategic missions, critical needs, and ​the equal employment opportunity and diversity goals of the organization.​​

Succession Management

Succession management supports workforce planning by developing internal resourc​es to prepare for turnover and maintain continuity of critical business functions. The State of California Succession Management Model provides guidance to identify high risk key positions and prioritize succession management strategies.


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CalHR's Statewide Workforce Planning Unit is available at ​ to assist your organization with workforce planning and succession management efforts.

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