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ECOS Plan / Phases

ECOS Project
The Examination and Certification Online System (ECOS) is an employment selection tool for state HR Professionals throughout the State of California. It currently serves as the state's certification system, with all state departments utilizing the system. The ECOS Project Team focuses on developing the business requirement for the system's functionality. ECOS has partnered with CalHR's Information Technology Division on the developments and implementation of the project.

ECOS Consultation & Support Team
The ECOS Consultation & Support Team provides assistance and technical training to state departments on utilizing the ECOS and Legacy systems to administer and process their selection programs.


ECOS phases, descriptions, and statuses
Phase Description Status
Phase I Roll Examinations back to Legacy System

Completed Jan. 2012

Phase II Certification System

Completed Jan. 2014

Phase IIIA Jobs Update & Apply Online

Completed Jan. 2016

Phase IIIB Examination System

In Progress

Phase IV Reporting

Coming Soon

Phase V – Post Phase PIER & Decommissioning of Legacy Systems

Coming Soon

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