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Onboarding Program Resources

Hiring Supervisor Toolkit

The following resources will aid in executing an onboarding process.

​Onboarding Checklist

A hiring manager should use an onboarding checklist to ensure completion of all onboarding activities.  

Download the Onboarding Checklist | PDF​

Samples and Templates for Documents Referenced in the Onboarding Checklist

The following are various onboarding document samples and templates. You may adopt these tools, adapt them to your needs, or create your own. 


Making a great first impression reinforces all of the reasons your new employee chose the position, and helps alleviate your new employee's possible feelings of buyer's remorse! Your approach will be different depending on if they are already a state employee or if they are new to state employment.

First Week

The first week lays the foundation for a good beginning. Every day your new employee should experience more self-assurance, comfort, and productivity. At this point, you are probably going to be focused on the unique aspects of the job. You and the designated onboarding sponsor should stay in close contact; remember, hours invested this week may save hundreds of hours in the weeks and years to come.


Your employee should be making solid progress on work assignments and objectives. Over time, increase the complexity and scope of the work you give them so you can assess their ability to perform the full range of duties within the scope of their duty statement. If they are progressing successfully, the employee may need less time with you, but you must stay engaged and monitor the performance for continuing development and success.  At this time, you should also be determining what training they need to become proficient at their job.

Departmental Resources

An ongoing evaluation of the new employee onboarding process should be implemented at the departmental level for purposes of process improvement. An evaluation should be administered to every new employee between 30 and 60 days of employment. Designate a person to oversee the onboarding evaluations and analyze results to determine the success of the program and identify opportunities for improvement.

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