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Training Registration

​CalHR Training - CalLearns

CalLe​arns​ is CalHR Statewide Training's Learning Management System, used for trainings provided by CalHR and other statewide agencies.

Before attending or taking any CalHR training, or using any training materials, your supervisor must approve the use of work time.

In general, the course content must relate to your job duties or career development. Review your department's training policy or contact your department's Trainin​g Officer for more information.​​

​​Internet Explorer is not supported on CalL​earns.

​Create an Account

If you do not already have an account within CalLearns, you can create one. Any accounts created that are not applicable to whom we can serve will be deleted. Please visit our Statewide Training Guidelines page for more information on who is eligible to take trainings through CalLearns.

Follow these steps to create your account:

  1. At the Login page, use the "Don't Have an Account?" button (shown in Figure 1).
  2. A form-fillable page will appear (shown in Figure 2). Fill out the form as indicated and click "Create Account". 
    1. Please be sure to use your government/civil-service email when registering; Do not use a personal email address​.
    2. Please ensure under Affiliation you choose your correct and current department. This is for billing purposes.​
​If any information in inputted incorrectly, you will need to contact​ to make changes.

​​Already have a CalLearns account?

If you have a CalLearns account from a previous department, instead of updating you current record, we ask you to create a new account with your new department information. Once created, email us at​ with both your old and new account email information. We will then merge your accounts together.

​​CalLearns can only provide your training history as far back as to when the LMS was initiated (7/6/2020). Any history or certificates prior to this will need to be gathered from your departments Training/Personnel division. ​
​Figure 1:

Figure 2:

​​Register for Training

​After you have created an account, you are able to register for trainings within CalLearns. You can also view a YouTube video on how to register for courses here: R​egister for CalLearns Cou​rses Video

Follow these steps to Register for Training:

  1. Add a course to your Shopping Cart

    1. Once you decided to enroll in a course, use the "Add to Cart" button on the course's tile, which appears in the course catalog (shown in Figure 1).

    2. ​You can also add a course by using the "Info" button. You will see a detailed view with additional information about the course. You can use the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom right-hand corner of the detailed view (shown in Figure 2).

  2. Fill out the Course Request Form

    1. ​After you add a course to your Shopping Cart, you will see the Course Request form. Choose one or more of the listed reasons for taking the training. You will also use this form to request a Reasonable Accommodation, if needed. Use the "Confirm Request" button when finished (shown in Figure 3).

  3. ​View the Shopping Cart

    1. ​From the Course Catalog, use the Shopping Cart icon on the top right of the screen. Here you will see the contents of your shopping cart, and you can review your selection, remove a course from the shopping cart, or Proceed to Check Out.

      1. In order to remove a course from your shopping cart, click on the trashcan icon next to the selected course. This will remove the course from your shopping cart.

  4. ​​​Proceed to Checkout

    1. ​​​Once you have courses in your shopping cart, you are ready to check out. You will see a course confirmation screen. Your registration is not complete; You may need to enter approver information.

    2. If a course requires approval, you'll see a message with a link to designate someone to approve your training (Figure 4).*

      1. ​​​*Please be sure to follow your department's guidelines on any internal processes that need to be completed in addition to your CalLearns registration.
      2. ​An email will be sent to the approver designated. Your registration will be completed when the approver approves your training request. Once approved, you will receive an email confirming our enrollment in the course.​

​​​Figure 1:

Figure 3: