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Public Records Act Request

​​​​​​​​Record​​​ Requests

To facilitate processing your Pu​blic Records Act request, we encourage you to use the electronic form provided below which will be submitted directly to CalHR.

CalHR does not keep official personnel records for the entire state of California nor does it verify employment other than for persons employed directly at CalHR. Please contact the appropriate department personnel offices for those items.​

If you prefer to contact us by regular mail or have copies of documents to submit in support of your request, we encourage you to download and use the fillable form and mail to the address in the form.​​​​

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Do I need to know the name of the record I am requesting?

While the official name of a public record is not needed in order to request public records, requestors should provide as much specific information about the public records they seek as possible.  When a public record cannot be identified by name, the requestor should attempt to specifically describe the public record based on its content.  If it is known, requestors should indicate which CalHR division, unit, or office created or maintains the request.  When a request is not sufficiently clear, CalHR staff will seek clarification of the request and will assist the requestor to identify the information sought.

Will CalHR charge a fee?

In most cases, there is no fee. However, if your request requires us to duplicate a large volume of material, we may charge you for the duplication costs (typically 10 cents per page) and postage costs. If the request requires us to compile public records, extract information from an electronic database, or undertake computer programming, we may charge you for that cost.

Can I review public records in person?

Public records are available at our office for inspection at all times during office hours. Please specify in your request whether you would like to inspect the public records in person and an appointment can be made to ensure the public records are ready for inspection.

Where do I send subpoenas?

Please direct all subpoenas to CalHR's Legal Division - 916-909-3706.

How quickly will CalHR respond?

We will respond within 10 days. If we are unable to collect the necessary information in that timeframe, we will still respond within 10 days explaining the delay.

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