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CalHR Jobs

Are you looking for a fabulous place to work where teamwork is a way of life?  CalHR is it!  We are looking for enthusiastic and talented people to join our team.  CalHR offers convenient transportation options, including light rail, pre-tax parking, on-site ATM, shopping, and a variety of nearby restaurants.  All positions at CalHR are excluded from Collective Bargaining and receive enhanced benefits.

​​​​Job Openings

The table below lists all current job openings at CalHR.
Job Title ​CalHR Division ​CalHR Program ​Final Filing Date
Assistant Examination Proctor​​Personnel Management Division
​Merit System Services​
​Until Filled
Associate Governmental Program Analyst​
Benefits Division
State Owned Housing (SOH) Program
Until Filled
Chief, Administrative Services,

​Administrative Services Division
​Administrative Services​
​Until Filled
Chief, Benefits Division, C.E.A.
​Benefits Division
​Benefits Division
​​​Until Filled​
Chief, Childcare Providers, Labor Relations Division, C. E. A.
​Labor Relations Division
​Childcare Providers
​Until Filled​
Chief Psychologist
​Pre-Employment  Division
​Psychological Screening Services
​Until Filled
Expert Examiner
(Qualifications Appraisal Panel Exam Chairperson)​

​Personnel Management Division
​Merit System Services 
​Until Filled
Examination Proctor​​​
​Personnel Management Division​
​​Merit System Services
​​Until Filled​​
Labor Relations Counsel III
​Legal Services
​Labor R​​​elations
​Until Filled
Staff Personnel Program Analyst​​
Wellness Coordinator Award Program
​Until Filled
Staff Services Manager I​
​Selection Di​vision
​ECOS Project
​Until Filled


​How to Apply

Submit a State Examination/Employment Application (STD 678) and your resume. If the job bulletin asks you to submit a Statement of Qualifications or complete an online survey, you must do that as well.   Contact us for more information. 

Hiring for all positions will be subject to budget approval. Please make sure you're eligible for the job or exam before you apply.

​Cal Career Unit

Phone: 866-844-8671 toll free

Cal Career phone system survey

​State Jobs Center

1810 16th Street
Sacramento, California 95811-7258

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