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Selection Division


The Selection Division (SD) is committed to building trusted partnerships by providing open communication through collaboration and transparency to create a shared vision for a successful selection process. This can be achieved through various methods to include allowing stakeholders to play an active role in focus groups, incorporating their comments and feedback, and using their expertise to improve current processes and procedures. As a service-oriented organization, SD’s goals are to:

  • Use process improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma for streamlining processes to better serve the needs of the public and state departments we serve
  • Be more aligned as a project management-focused organization to better serve our customers
  • Address our Strategic Plan initiatives
  • Address Civil Service Improvement Initiatives  
  • Better represent our core values:
    • Collaboration
    • Customer Service
    • Diversity
    • Excellence/Quality
    • Integrity
    • Leadership


To create and administer civil service exams to recruit high quality candidates in a fair and open process and ensure the administration of examinations are processed in accordance with the laws and rules of the state civil service merit system as referenced in the California Constitution.


To promote merit, diversity, and equity in civil service employment, consistent with California state and federal laws.

Our Structure

CalHR's Selection Division is comprised of five teams:


Administrative Support (AS) Team

AS serves as the gatekeepers for the SD ensuring all units are in compliance with SD  Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).    AS also provides administrative support to the other SD units and are responsible for new employee onboarding. AS team  manages the Divisions' reimbursable authority of over $5 million dollars. 

Process Improvement (PI) Team

PI team serve as project managers for process improvement using the Lean Six Sigma methodology.  PI team develops reports related to internal operations, strategic goals​​, and performance metrics by evaluating the effectiveness of the program areas in the SD.  PI team is also responsible for the  implementation and monitoring of selection related Civil Service Improvement initiatives.

CalCareer Services Team (Service Center)

The CalCareer Service Team is responsible for serving as the first point of contact for the general public handling phone calls, email inquiries, and one-on-one assistance with the public in the Job Center regarding employment for the State of California.  Additionally, the CalCareer Services Team is responsible for processing all the Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP) and Veteran Preference documentation.

Examination and Certification Online System (ECOS)

Project Team

The Examination and Certification Online System (ECOS) is an employment selection tool for state HR professionals throughout the State of California.  It currently serves as the state's certification system, with all state departments utilizing the system. The ECOS Project Team focuses on developing the business requirements for the system functionality.  ECOS has partnered with CalHR's Information Technology Division on development and implementation of the project.

Consultation & Support Team

The ECOS Consultation & Support Team provides assistance and technical training to state departments on utilizing the ECOS and Legacy systems to administer and process their selection programs. 

Policy Program (PP) Team

PP team serves as the state's principle policy advisors on selection matters related to examination administration, and certification and hiring activities.  The team is responsible for developing and implementing statewide policy and guidance on selections due to new laws, rules, and regulations implemented by the State Personnel Board (SPB).  This team's responsibilities also include writing CalHR selection related policy based on government code and SPB code of regulations and updating the Merit Selection Manual.

Selection Services Program and Training

Selection Services Program

SSP provides assessment development and validation, examination assembly, and examination administration services to state departments on a fee-for-service basis. SSP uses a wide range of advanced research methodologies, statistical techniques and principles while performing test validation and construction work that complies with all applicable laws, rules, and policies. SSP is responsible for administering servicewide, LEAP, and classification consolidation examinations as well as examination consultation and technical assistance.

Selection Training (ST)

ST's core functions is overseeing the statewide Selection Analyst Training program.  The purpose of this program is to provide job-related training to selection professionals employed by the State of California. Additionally, SD Training is responsible for administering the CalHR Selection Analyst Training Certification Program, a six month training cohort, which offers a project based comprehensive curriculum for the development of selection professionals to ensure they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the essential functions of their job duties.  ST is responsible for the training, mentoring, and skill set assessment of SD staff.  This team act as liaisons to internal and external stakeholders. 

Selection Analyst Training Cohort

The California Department of Human Resources' (CalHR) Selection Division is committed to providing job-related training to ensure that selection professionals employed by the state have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the essential functions of their job duties. The CalHR Selection Analyst Training Certification Cohort offers a project based comprehensive curriculum for the development of selection professionals. The training classes offered provide essential content and selection techniques to ensure competency upon program completion. The curriculum is designed to facilitate deeper learning and retention of competencies. The curriculum is practical and closely corresponds to actual work generally performed on the job.

The Cohort presents a new, improved and streamlined process to attain Selection Analyst Certification in just 6 months. Selection Analyst Training Certification Cohorts will be held twice yearly beginning January 2018.

Cohort Program Goals
The CalHR Selection Analyst Certification Pilot Program goals include, but are not limited to, providing the following:

  • Selection analyst training courses deemed critical for successful performance of job-related duties and selection analyst training certification.
  • Revised and streamlined training courses to maximize the use of time for self-study courses, in class instruction, and cohort group project activities.
  • Prioritized and organized courses to maximize information retention, ease of learning, and efficient and effective training.

Cohort Coursework
The CalHR Selection Analyst Training Cohort coursework provides state selection professionals with fundamentally sound, legally defensible, innovative means of performing selection-related work in addition to in-depth instruction on a variety of selection-related topics. The Selection Analyst Training  Cohort consists of 13 comprehensive courses which include 4 webinars, 7 instructor-led core courses, and 2 instructor-led elective courses. Cohort participants will gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to become effective selection analysts. Upon successful program completion, participants will receive a Selection Analyst Training Certificate acknowledging completion of certification requirements at a graduation program.

For more information on the CalHR Selection Analyst Training Cohort, please visit our website Selection Analyst Training Cohort.

​Change Management Forum

SD has been working to improve the selection program on a statewide level by incorporating the Lean Six Sigma methodology to reduce waste, eliminate extra processing, and become a model division in state service to set the operating standards.  As a result, in February 2017, the SD conducted Change Management Forums to the HR community to present SD’s process improvement deliverables.

View the Change Management Forum Summary Report (PDF | RTF)

Delegation Agreement

The Delegation Agreement (DA) is a formal agreement between state departments (including Boards, agencies, commissions, etc.) and CalHR. Its purpose is to formalize decentralized testing between CalHR and state departments. The DA educates and reinforces departments’ authority to create and administer the full range of selection processes without CalHR’s approval.

CalHR is committed to partnering with departments to support their efforts to build excellent selection programs. The DA provides a framework for constructing excellent, fair, merit-based, job-related examinations that will support the state of California’s future hiring needs.

Selections Delegation Agreements (PDF | RTF) are due by email to annually by July 1st.

​Free CalHR Lunchtime Seminars

CalHR Lunchtime Seminars

The California Department of Human Resources offers free lunchtime seminars on "How to Begin Your State Career and Leap" and "Transition from Military Service to State Service and LEAP." 

Any person with a disability who required a disability-related modification or accommodation, including auxiliary aids or services, in order to participate in the Seminar, may submit a written or electronic request for such modification or accommodation to the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR), 1515 S Street, North Building, Sacramento, CA 95811-7258; or at (916) 324-9379 (Voice), 7-1-1 California Relay Service, or to, no later than ten days prior to the scheduled Seminar date. 


  Updated: 9/5/2017
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