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Current Workforce and Succession Plan Status

Organizations with Current Workforce and Succession Plans

On February 23, 2017, CalHR issued a policy requiring California state departments, agencies, commissions and boards that employ civil services employees to have workforce and succession plans and to report annually on the status of workforce and succession planning efforts. The figures below represent the count of current plans.

Current workforce plan count and current succession plan count. 

​Summary of 2019 Annual Workforce and Succession Plan Survey Results

Summary of 2018 Annual Workforce and Succession Plan Survey Results
​Status ​Workforce Plan ​Succession Plan
​Complete 56 Organizations ​42 Organizations
​Outdated ​5 Organizations ​6 Organization
​In Progress 45 Organizations ​47 Organizations
​Not Started ​12 Organizations ​23 Organizations
​No Response ​5 Organizations ​5 Organizations


See Your Organization's 2019 Results

View an accessible version of the 2019 results. Workforce and succession plans help state organizations understand the workforce implications of current and future business operations so that strategies can be developed to proactively ensure a capable workforce is in place to perform the mission and achieve strategic objectives.  CalHR analyzes department workforce plans to identify workforce trends that could benefit from statewide solutions.  A summary of 2016 statewide workforce challenges and trends can be viewed in the 2016 Statewide Workforce Planning Report (PDF).


2018 Annual Workforce and Succession Plan Survey Results | read only

2017 Annual Workforce and Succession Plan Survey Results | read only

What We Track

  • Whether or not your organization has a workforce and/or succession plan.
  • Annual update(s) to your organization's workforce and/or succession plan.
  • Status of your organization's workforce and/or succession plan, if in development.

​How We Track

  • We will require your organization to complete an annual Workforce and Succession Plans Status survey.
  • We will follow up with organizations who indicated complete on their survey response that did not submit their plans.

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