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ONET’s Military Crosswalk Database contains information on civilian jobs you may qualify for based upon your primary job functions in the Military.








The State of California values those who served in the United States Armed Forces and now we want you to serve in one of the most diverse states in America.  As one of the largest employers in the state we offer numerous promotional opportunities throughout 150 organizations.  With over 1,000 different career choices we are sure we have a job that sparks your passion.







Veterans' Preference

Veterans' Preference provides a uniform method by which special consideration is given to qualified veterans seeking State  employment.  Find out more today.









The State of California wants our employees to feel protected and secure by providing one of the best benefits and perks packages for you and your loved ones.







Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program provides confidential, professional counseling services at no cost to you.







Veterans Support Group

We're passionate about helping our Veterans make the most of military experience throughout life.  Veterans Support Group is comprised of Veterans who have transitioned into state civil service.  By joining you will be able to share stories, find a mentor or mentee, and attend social events in your local community.  Click here to join.

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