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Enterprise Core Record (ECR) Project Information

What is The Employee Core Record Project?

The Employee Core Record Project is a sub-project of the Enterprise HR project. Our Goals are to facilitate interoperability between future Enterprise HR applications, and to promote the sharing of employee data between departments. We plan on achieving these goals through the following objectives:

  • Work with State Controllers Office (SCO) and CalHR to establish a unique employee identifier without using Social Security Numbers.
  • Design, create, implement, an Employee Core Record (ECR) database that contains minimal data elements and identifies employees using the new identifier.
  • Design and provide a foundational infrastructure for all HR subsystems, including Learning Management Systems (LMS), to uniquely identify and efficiently track employee information.
  • Create a Learning Core Record (LCR) database that will allow the sharing of employee training history between departments.

​What will the ECR Project Produce?

The scope of the ECR project includes the following deliverables:

  • The design and implementation of a data service that allows HR subsystems to interact with statewide Employee data.
  • A hosted Restful API service that will allow multiple future HR subsystems to securely access and interact with HR data.
  • Onboarding process for new HR subsystem applications, so departments can choose from a pre-approved list of HR subsytem application providers (i.e. LMS).


The benefits of the ECR:

  • As departments begin to modernize their HR systems, starting with Learning Management System (LMS) applications, ECR will provide a statewide data service that provides continuity of employee data between HR subsystems across all departments.

  • The ECR project includes the creation of a statewide data service for maintaining consistent employee training history (the LCR database) across all departments.

  • As the infrastructure foundation of the Enterprise HR system, the ECR project will provide a business logic layer that will allow other future HR systems to leverage employee data across all departments.


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