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State Restriction of Appointments

​​​​​​Note to State Employees: The following information is intended to provide a general overview regarding the State Restriction of Appointment (SROA) process and how it works. The SROA process for each individual will vary depending on factors including your department, seniority, and promotional history within state service. Your Personnel Office can help you understand how the SROA process applies to you.
The files linked from this page are PDFs and require Adobe Reader – get a free download. 
Personnel Office staff should refer to the SROA Manual (DPA 2004) | SROA Manual (DPA 2004) - Text Only (RTF) and the Policy Statement 2602 from the Online Human Resources Manual for detailed guidance.


The surplus/SROA process helps prevent layoffs.
When you're facing layoffs, you go on a surplus/SROA list. You have 120 days to find a new job. If, at the end of that time, you're actually laid off, you go on a reemployment list for your class.
A department must hire employees on the reemployment list, if one exists for a class. If not, the department must hire any eligible surplus/SROA employees.

Surplus/SROA lists

Super SROA lists


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  Updated: 1/18/2022
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