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Compensation Surveys


    ​Total Compensation Surveys

    Government Code section 19826(c) and provisions of the Budget Act require CalHR to compare total compensation of State of California employees with employees working in comparable occupations in local government, federal government, and the private sector. 

    Beginning in 2013, the report compared of State of California employee wages, pay differentials, health benefits, retirement, paid leave, and other compensation.  Prior to 2013, the report compared the maximum salaries and maximum benefits of State of California employees with the median maximum salaries and median maximum benefits paid to employees performing similar work at local public sector employers throughout California.

    ​Bargaining Unit 5 - California Highway Patrol Officer Surveys

    Government Code section 19827 and the Unit 5 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) require CalHR and the California Association of Highway Patrolmen (CAHP) to jointly complete an annual compensation survey.  Compensation is defined as salary, patrol bonuses, seniority pay, physical performance pay, education incentives, and employee contributions to retirement.  The survey compares the compensation of California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers with the weighted average compensation of peace officers working for the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Oakland Police Department, San Diego Police Department, and the San Francisco Police Department.  If the survey determines the compensation for CHP officers is behind the weighted average compensation of peace officers at the surveyed jurisdictions, CHP officers receive a general salary increase equivalent to the difference, effective July 1.

    ​Bargaining Unit 8 - California Firefighter Surveys

    Government Code section 19827.3 and the Unit 8 MOU require CalHR to conduct a compensation survey that compares the salary and benefits for State of California firefighter classifications with similar firefighter classifications working in local government fire departments in California. 

    ​Bargaining Unit 9 – Professional Engineer Surveys

    ​Article 3.1 of the Unit 9 MOU requires CalHR and the professional Engineers in California Government (PECG) to jointly complete an annual salary survey.  This survey compares the maximum salaries for three State of California engineering classifications to comparable classifications employed at 18 public agencies and 10 University of California campuses. 

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