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An effective onboarding process for new employees can have a positive impact on engagement, productivity, job satisfaction, and retention. 

A successful onboarding experience provides a new employee with the tools, resources and information they need to quickly integrate into an organization's culture, and it builds the foundation for future success.  Onboarding is the first opportunity your organization has to make an inspiring impression on a new employee, so help set a positive tone by ensuring they feel supported and valued.

Onboarding is a structured process of integrating new employees into an organization.  Onboarding is different from a traditional new employee orientation (NEO) program, which tends to be a single event, typically managed by the Human Resources (HR) function.  Onboarding is a more comprehensive long-term structured approach to position new employees to be successful in an organization. 

​Savings Plus

Savings Plus is the name of the 401(k) Plan and 457(b) Plan available to most State of California employees. With Savings Plus, you can build a retirement savings account.  Automatic payroll deductions from your paycheck are invested in funds you select  from the Savings Plus portfolio menu. Money from your paycheck that you invest this way is not taxed until you eventually withdraw it, generally during retirement.​ Visit​ 




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