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Statewide Recruitment

CalHR Statewide Recruitment serves to attract highly qualified talent to state service through the following activities:

  • Supporting d​​​epartments - Sharing best practices, recruitment events, resources and  opportunities for collaboration across all state departments. We also offer consultation to departments struggling with hard-to-fill positions.

  • Partnering to build talent pipeline - We build a diverse talent pipeline by partnering with schools, employment centers and media agencies/community organizers as well as acting strategically to promote state service to private sector workers. We value diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility and support outreach to underrepresented communities, veterans, and people with disabilities.

  • Employer Branding - We spread the m​essage with the Work For California​ campaign that the State of California is an employer of choice offering competitive benefits and opportunities to its large workforce. From TV appearances to marketing collateral, we act as ambassadors to market careers at the State of California. 

  • ​Identifying and advocating for structural improvements​ - Working cross-departmentally enables us to see shared challenges and promote solutions with wide impact. We are especially focused on promoting innovative recruitment tools, technologies, and strategies for the benefit of all departments.​

We are a “big picture" team focused on making impact at scale by centralizing resources and sharing best practices across hundreds of state departments to achieve recruiting results.

We exist to help demystify state hiring processes and socialize the benefits of civil service with the general public and address  staffing risks in the State of California by building a diverse talent pipeline.


To position the State of California as an employer of choice, attract exceptional talent to civil service for the greater good of California, and build a talent pipeline that is representative of our state’s diversity.​

Join the Statewide Recruiting Community​

Are you a recruiter for the State of California? Join your colleagues and peers to share best practices, address ​challenges, collaborate for solutions, and stay on top of new recruiting trends and strategies. No need to r​​einvent the wheel — we host a strong community of experienced recruiters happy to share resources and support each other.

​CalHR facilitates State Recruiter Round Tabl​​e meetings which provide a networking opportunity that is interactive, informative, and relevant to recruitment challenges faced by the State of California.

State Recruiters' Round Table

Our listserv serves to share opportunities across the recruiting network. From upcoming job fairs to media appearances and new state recruiting resources, we share information that matters to you.​​

Sign ​Up for Listserv

​​​We also host a Teams channel where recruiters across the state to share wins, ask and answer questions as they arise and overcome recruiting challenges together.​

If you'd like us to share an opportunity to the listserv or join our Teams channel, email us at​​​

​Recruitment Tools & Resources​

Recruitment Marketing Materials

Please use the following marketing materials when recruiting job seekers to work for your organization and the State of California. We are encouraging agencies to use the “Work for California” branding to align and encourage public perception of the state as a single employer with multiple agencies. 

If you are interested in publicizing a recruiting event on the Work For California website or CalCareers or requesting a CalHR speaker, please visit the Work For California Recruiter Hub​ to submit information. ​​

Work4CA Brand Guidelines Cover Page

Work for California detailing why you should work for the state and what the website offers you


Learp about LEAP Full Flyer

Top State Positions Filled Full Flyer 


Work4CA Recruiter Tip Card-Half Sheet
(Double sided)

Veterans' Preference Flyer Thumbnail

For best results, print this
brochure on 11x17 paper.

Work for California detailing why you should work for the state and what the website offers you
(Double sided)


Learn about LEAP Printable Handout Cards  

Top State Positions Filled Printable Handout Cards  

SOQ Guidance Thumbnail  

(Double sided)

Partners and Media Agencies

​​Are you interested in hosting the State of California at your job fair, school, conference or other event?  Reach out to us at​​

Statutes for Statewide Recruitment

Eligible lists are created on the basis of merit and fitness, and, as such, shall result from recruitment strategies designed to be as broad and inclusive as necessary to best meet the selection need (Cal. Code Regs., tit. 2, § 250).

All agencies shall engage in general recruitment and outreach programs to all individuals, including persons who are economically disadvantaged.  California Government Code allows public sector employers to conduct outreach efforts with a recruitment goal to supplement word-of-mouth recruitment that should result in increasing diversity of the workforce (Gov. Code, §7400, subds. (3), (d), added by Stats. 2016). 



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