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Appeals and Grievances

The process for State employees to file an appeal, grievance, complaint, or otherwise protest an action varies according to the subject area and employment category.


CalHR handles two types of appeals: contract grievances and statutory appeals. The State Personnel Board (SPB) handles several other types of appeals.

Contract grievances

If you are a rank-and-file employee, check your current Bargaining Unit contract for the specific process that applies to you. CalHR's Labor Relations Division handles grievances. Use these forms to file a grievance:



Employees filing grievances for alleged out-of-class work should also fill out a Job Description Form - CalHR 651 PDF | RTF and turn it in to their personnel office along with the appropriate grievance form above.  

Statutory Appeals

Follow the links below for examples of appeals, a description of CalHR's hearing process, and some final decisions on statutory appeals. CalHR's Statutory Appeals Unit handles these appeals.


Other appeals

  • Merit: SPB has jurisdiction over merit-based appeals.
  • Discrimination: CalHR's Office of Civil Rights tracks discrimination complaints for state agencies and does not conduct  investigations.  Each State department has an Equal Employment Opportunity Officer.  State employees may contact their respective Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and/or the Employment Opportunity Commission to file a discrimination complaint.

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