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Statutory Appeals Unit

​​​Statutory Appeals Unit

The California Department of Human Resources' (CalHR) Statutory Appeals Unit (SAU)

  • Processes statutory appeals that fall under CalHR's SAU's jurisdiction

  • Holds hearings

  • Reviews petitions for rehearing

  • Processes requests for transcripts/administrative records.  Any party desiring a copy of the administrative record shall send a written request to the SAU.  SAU shall order all transcripts to become part of the administrative record. 

  • Issues proposed decisions


CalHR's Director issues the final decisions on these appeals.

Contact us

Please note SAU cannot provide legal advice or counsel.


When contacting SAU, please include appellant's name and case number. We can process requests for a continuance, respond on the status of the appeal, issue subpoenas, and provide general information.


Statutory Appeals Unit:

Phone:  (916) 909-3711

Fax:  (916) 322-5709


California Department of Human Resources

Statutory Appeals Unit

1515 S Street, North Building, #500

Sacramento, California  95811

  Updated: 4/9/2024
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