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Civil Rights

​The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has statewide leadership responsibilities in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) areas including but not limited to Bilingual Services, Discrimination Complaint Tracking and Monitoring, ​Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP), Reasonable Accommodation, Upward Mobility, and Workforce Analysis.  OCR provides direction and serves as a resource to departments.  OCR is also responsible for developing and publishing the Annual Census of Employees in the State Civil Service as well as the Language Survey and Implementation Plan reports that are statutorily mandated, and it assists departments with technical support to meet their duties in these areas. 

Civil Rights Functions

​Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Bilingual Services Program
    • Employee fluency testing
    • Administrative hearing, medical and court interpreters
    • Language Survey and Implementation Plan Report
  • Discrimination Complaint Tracking and Monitoring​​
    • ​​Discrimination Complaint Tracking System (DCTS)
    • DCTS user tools and information​
  • Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP)
    • LEAP Examination Information​​
  • Reasonable Accommodation
    • ​​​​RA Coordinator Roundtable
  • Upward Mobility
    • Information for employees interested in the U​pward Mobility Program
    • Guidelines for Administering Departmental Upward Mobility Programs
    • Annual Reporting Requirements through the Workforce Analysis
  • Workforce Analysis
    • Workforce composition
    • Goals for hiring persons with disabilities
    • Upward Mobility goals to promote employees from low paying classifications
    • Annual Census of Employees in State Civil Service
    • Women's Earnings Report
    • Statewide civil service demographic reports
    • Departmental civil service demographic reports
    • State civil service employee demographic data collection

Equal Employment Opportunity Informational Video

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing has produced a series of videos on equal rights titled "Equal Rights 101."  The videos were produced under an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission grant, and include content on pregnancy discrimination, pre-employment inquiry, reasonable accommodation and sexual harassment in the workplace. The videos are for employers, employees, HR professionals, attorneys and educators.

Employment Discrimination

​Employment discrimination is prohibited by law.

​​Each  department has an EEO Officer that can assist department employees with civil rights issues, including discrimination complaints and reasonable accommodation.

Each department has an obligation to actively prevent discrimination, and to take immediate and effective action to eliminate it when it is discovered. This includes having non-discrimination policies and procedures in place, and informing employees about them so that they may file a discrimination complaint if necessary. The OCR does not receive or investigate discrimination complaints. Instead, state employees may file discrimination complaints with one or all of the following entities:

​Legal Authority and References

​​Persons with Disabilities: Government Code Sections: 19232, 19233( c), 19234, 19795; can be found at: under Government Code, and Executive Order S-04-05 (2005) can be found at:

​​Upward Mobility: Government Code Sections 19401, 19402 can be found at: under Government Code and California Code of Regulations §§ 599.981, 599.982, 599.983, 599.984, 599.985 and 599.986 can be found at: Office of Administrative Law at:

​Workforce Composition: Government Code Sections 19791(b) and 19797 can be found at under Government Code, and California Code of Regulations Section 599.980 can be found at

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