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Health Benefits

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) administers health insurance coverage for state employees. Employees can choose from a broad range of health insurance plans.  The state pays a portion of the premium. 

Benefits Calculator

Use the Benefits Calculator to compare premiums for different health plans and see the contribution rates based on your bargaining unit. In addition, you will see how much will be deducted from or added to your paycheck based on which health, dental, and vision plans you choose. 

For information on health plans and premiums, visit CalPERS.

Benefit Eligibility

Employees are eligible for health benefits if they have an appointment of more than six months (at least six months plus one day) and a time base of half-time or more.  Eligible employees have 60 calendar days from the date of appointment or a permitting event to enroll in a health plan, or during an Open Enrollment period. For questions about your eligibility, contact your department’s personnel office.

Dependent Re-Verification

Dependent Re-verification (DRV) is the triennial process of re-verifying the eligibility of spouses, domestic partners, children, stepchildren, and domestic partner children (family members) enrolled in state health and dental benefits.

For more information, please see Dependent ​Re-Verification FAQs.

Making Changes to Your Current Benefits

You may make changes to your benefits during Open Enrollment, usually during September and October of each year, or based on a permitting event outside of Open Enrollment.  During this time, you have the opportunity to:

  • Change your CalPERS health plan; 
  • Enroll in a CalPERS health plan if you do not currently have CalPERS health coverage;
  • Cancel your existing CalPERS health coverage; 
  • Add or delete dependents; and
  • Elect Cash Option in lieu of other qualifying group health and/or dental coverage.

You may not change your health benefits choice during the year unless you experience a permitting event.  You must apply for any changes or enrollments within 60 calendar days of the permitting event date.   For questions about permitting events, contact your department’s personnel office. 

  Updated: 2/4/2021
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