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Excluded Employee Leave Buy Back Program


  • General Information and Authority
  • Eligibility
  • Benefit Details

1101. General Information and Authority

The Excluded Employee Buy Back Program authorizes payment of leave credits to employees who are excluded from Collective Bargaining. On an annual basis the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) will determine whether or not a leave buy-back will be offered. Eligible employees may receive payment at their regular salary rate in exchange for accrued vacation, annual leave, personal leave, and/or personal holiday credits.
The Excluded Employee Buy-Back Program is being offered for the Fiscal Year 2014-15. Please refer to PML 2015-012 | PML 2015-012 - Text Only (RTF) for detailed information.


CalHR Rule 599.744

1102. Eligibility

Employees designated Managerial, Supervisory, Confidential, or employee who are otherwise excluded from bargaining are eligible to participate.

1103. Benefit Details

The maximum amount of buy back for managerial and related classes is 80 hours. Supervisors, confidential, and other eligible excluded employees may cash out up to 40 hours. Departments cannot exceed these limits in any combination of various leave categories. Under the Leave Buy Back Program employees are to be cashed out in eight-hour increments (any combination of leave types).
Leave buy back payments are subject to State and Federal Taxes, Social Security, and Medicare contributions (if applicable). The State Controller's Office (SCO) is responsible for providing instructions for requesting pay. Payroll processing questions should be directed to SCO's Personnel/Payroll Services Division (PPSD), Payroll Liaison Unit.
Buy Back Program policy questions should be directed to CalHR's Personnel Services Branch at (916) 323-3343.
  Updated: 4/23/2014
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