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CEA Concepts

​Career Executive Assignment Action Proposals

Per California Code of Regulations, title 2, Section 548.5 (a), departments that want to establish a new Career Executive Assignment (CEA) position or significantly revise the concept of an existing CEA position must submit to the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) a CEA Action Proposal to be posted on this public website for public notice for 30 calendar days. If no opposition is filed during the 30-day period, the proposed CEA concept will be established without a hearing by the five-member State Personnel Board (SPB). If a valid opposition is submitted timely, then the CEA Action Proposal will be calendared for hearing by SPB, which will determine whether the proposal meets the criteria for inclusion in the CEA category as defined by Government Code section 18547:


"Career executive assignment" means an appointment to a high administrative and policy influencing position within the state civil service in which the incumbent's primary responsibility is the managing of a major function or the rendering of management advice to top-level administrative authority. Such a position can be established only in the top managerial levels of state service and is typified by broad responsibility for policy implementation and extensive participation in policy evolvement.


Interested individuals can sign up to receive an email each time a new CEA Action Proposal* is added to this site.


More information for departments on the process and required documentation for submitting a CEA Action Proposal can be found on the CEA Position Request Form (CalHR 881). More information about the definition of "policy" and level guidelines for CEAs can be found in the CEA job description.

Objection Process

Per California Code of Regulations, title 2, Section 548.5, during the 30-day public notice period, any person having concerns with the merits of a proposed CEA position may present opposition to the CEA Action Proposal. Objections must be emailed to CalHR no later than 5 p.m. on the 30th calendar day of the posting for the CEA Action Proposal in question using the CEA Action Proposal Objection Form (CalHR 882) provided by CalHR. To be considered valid, objections must be related to the content of the proposal and must explain how the proposal violates the definition of a CEA as outlined in Government Code section 18547. Submit objections to CalHR at

Individuals who submit an objection will be required to appear before the five-member Board to publicly substantiate the opposition once the CEA Action Proposal has been calendared for hearing by SPB. Objectors are responsible for checking this website for the scheduled Board hearing date of each opposed CEA Action Proposal.

Presence of a departmental CEA Action Proposal below is not an indication of CalHR's endorsement of the request.

*The items listed below do not represent current CEA examinations or job openings, but the preliminary departmental CEA Action Proposals to establish a CEA concept within their organizations. Departments may only post a CEA examination and job opening for a new CEA position after the CEA Action Proposal has been approved. For more information about open state jobs, see the jobs website.

CEA Concept Documents
CEA Concept TitleDepartmentPosted DateConcept StatusHearing DateApproved/Denied DateComments
Assistant Commissioner, Administrative & Information Technology Services Department of Real Estate 3/26/2020 30 Day Objection Period
Assistant Commissioner, Licensing Department of Real Estate 3/26/2020 30 Day Objection Period
Associate Director, Licensing and Compliance California Correctional Health Care Services 3/24/2020 30 Day Objection Period
Chief of Human Resources Governor's Office of Emergency Services 3/19/2020 30 Day Objection Period
Chief, Disaster Services Branch California Department of Social Services 3/19/2020 30 Day Objection Period
Special Assistant to the Undersecretary, Health Care Services California Correctional Health Care Services 3/18/2020 30 Day Objection Period
Chief Deputy Director California Law Revision Commission 3/9/2020 30 Day Objection Period
Chief, Veterans Homes Operations California Department of Veterans Affairs 3/5/2020 30 Day Objection Period
Deputy Director, External Affairs California Health Benefits Exchange 3/2/2020 Approved - No Objection 4/1/2020
Deputy Director, Program Integrity