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CalPERS Retirement Options for CEA and Exempt Appointments

CalPERS Retirement for CEA and Exempt Appointees

CEA and Exempt Appointees

Employees appointed to a position may elect CalPERS membership. CalPERS membership is obtained by filing an CalPERS Election Form.

Separation of Appointed Position

If an employee returns to a civil service position, CalPERS membership will continue. An employee should ensure the employing agency provides notification to CalPERS.
If employee does not have right of return to civil service classification or elects to separate or retire, the following options are available.
  • Service retirement - must retire within 120 days of separation to take advantage of sick leave conversion and health benefit coverage.
  • Leave retirement contributions in CalPERS account. An employee would receive a retirement benefit as soon as the employee meets the minimum retirement eligibility requirements.
  • Take a refund of retirement contributions, plus interest, provided the employee has not accepted employment covered under another publicly funded California Retirement system. CalPERS membership will be terminated.
  • Transfer CalPERS funds to a tax-qualified fund.
  Updated: 4/11/2012
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