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Contact CalHR

California Department of Human Resources

Phone 916-324-0455

Visitor Entrance

​1810 16th Street
Sacramento, California 95811-7258

Get a map to CalHR

Mailing Address

1515 S Street, North Building, Suite 500
Sacramento, California 95811-7258

If you were unable to obtain language access services in your native language from a state agency, please call 1-866-889-3278 and you will be able to leave a message in the following languages: English, Armenian, Arabic, Cantonese, Farsi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

For other languages, please call CalHR's Bilingual Services Program at (916) 324-0970. The Bilingual Services Program will attempt to identify the language the person speaks and locate a qualified interpreter fluent in the native language.


CalCareers website

CalCareer Unit

Phone 866-844-8671 toll free

CalCareer phone system survey

State Jobs Center

1810 16th Street
Sacramento, California 95811-7258

Get a map to the State jobs center


Contact Your Personnel Office

California personnel office directory (State Controller's Office)

For most matters, we ask employees to contact their personnel offices. CalHR helps personnel offices answer questions. We do not answer most individual employee questions about personnel issues.

Contract Questions

Please contact your personnel office or labor relations office.


Please contact your personnel office or labor relations office.

Employee Wellness Program 


Please contact your personnel office.

Leave Programs

Please contact your personnel office.

Non-Merit Statutory Appeals

CalHR appeals team

(916) 324-3857

fax (916) 322-5709

Savings Plus

Contact Savings Plus for information about the plan.​

State Service and Seniority

Please contact your personnel office if you're actively employed.

State Personnel Board Appeals

SPB appeals team

(916) 653-0799

State Personnel Board Appeals - Board Calendaring

SPB appeals Board calendaring team

​Statewide Training Center

Statewide Training
1810 16th Street
Sacramento, California 95811-7258 - Get a map to the Statewide Training Center

State HR Professionals

CalHR Managers and Supervisors Contacts List - HR Net Users Only



(916) 322-0300

Bilingual Program

Bilingual program

(916) 324-0970

CalHR Administration

(916) 322-0720


Drug Testing

Drug testing information

(916) 324-2763


Employee Leave

Personnel Services Branch

(916) 909-3702



(866) 844-8671


Labor Relations

LR information

(916) 324-0476

fax (916) 322-0765

See the Bargaining Units page for more contact information.


Legal Services

Tel: (916) 324-0512

Fax: (916) 323-4723

For billing inquiries, contact the Legal Division's front desk at (916) 324-0512, or via email at

​For Service of Process, please go to CalHR Guard Station located at 1810 16th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811-7258​

For Public Records Requests, please see ​​information found below at Public Services – Records Requests.​



Legislation information

(916) 323-8490

fax (916) 322-0765

 Merit Award Program

Merit Award Program Inform​ation


Office of Civil Rights

(916) 324-0970


Pay Policies and Procedures

Personnel Services Branch

(916) 909-3702


Personnel Management Division

Classification and Compensation

(916) 909-3709

fax (916) 327-1886​


Medical and Psychological Screening Division​

Psychological Screeni​ng Program

General Inquiries Email: CalHRPSP@calh​ 

Scheduling Inquiries Email: 

Medical Program

General Inquiries Email:​​​

Savings Plus

Contact Savings Plus for information about the plan.


Statewide Recruitment

Statewide recruitment program


Statewide Training Center

Statewide Training 
(916) 445-1547
1810 16th Street
Sacramento, California 95811-7258 - Get a map to the statewide training center


Statutory Appeals

(916) 324-3857

Selection Services Program

(916) 323-0861


Workforce Planning

Workforce planning​​


CalPERS Retirement

CalPERS website

Retiree Health Plans

CalPERS website

Retiree Vision Insurance

Retiree vision insurance
Phone 916-322-0300
fax (855) 530-6599

Savings Plus

Contact Savings Plus for information about the plan.

State Service and Seniority

For current employees, please contact your personnel office.

For prior state employees, please contact the CalHR Service and Seniority team.

Phone 916-909-3709​

Email Service&

Fax 916-324-3248

Public Services

Accessibility and Reasonable Accommodation

Please visit our accessibility page.


CalHR ADA Coordinator/EEO Officer

Joseph Ab​hulimen​​

CalHR Grievance Procedure under the Americans with Disabilities Act


Employment and Salary Verification

Please visit The Work Number website or call 1 (800) 367-5690.


Media Inquires

Camille Travis, Deputy Director of Communications

Privacy Officer

Privacy Officer


Records Requests

Please visit our records request page.


Small Business/DVBE Advocate

Marcos Hernandez

(916) 909-3282​

DGS Office of SB/DVBE Services (OSDS)


Tribal Liaison

Web Manager

Web Manager​​​​

CalHR Executive Team


Eraina Ortega

Chief Deputy Director

Monica Erickson

Chief Counsel

Frolan Aguiling 

Labor Relations Deputy Director​

Paul Starkey 

Labor Relations Assistant Deputy Director

Kristine Rodrigues

Legislative Director

 Mario Guerrero​

Communications Director​

Camille Travis

Chief, Administrative Services

Helen​ Fairchild​

Chief, Benefits

Nicole Griffith

Chief, Information Technology

Enrique Parker 

Chief, Office of Civil Rights

Glenna Wheeler 

Chief, Personnel Management

Melissa Russell​

Chief, Medical and Psychological​ Division

Michele Villados

Chief, Selection

Chris Dainard

Chief, Statewide Workforce Development Division

Sara Gessler

Plan Administrator, Savings Plus

Sandra Blair​

CalHR ADA Coordinator/EEO Officer

Joseph Ab​hulimen​

CalHR Executive Office

(916) 322-5193​​​​

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