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Personnel Functions

​Personnel Functions

As of July 1, 2012, all non-merit functions of the State Personnel Board moved to CalHR. The lists below show the current personnel functions of the two departments.


State Personnel Board Functions

Adverse Actions (Hearings)


  • Adverse Action
  • Appointment (Acquisition or Retention)
  • Examination
  • Medical Issues
  • Merit Issues
  • Probation, Rejection During
  • Psychological Testing
  • Reasonable Accommodation

Classifications (New)

Deep Classes

  • Movement Through Ranges (Minimum Qualifications, Status, Appts)
  • Minimum Qualifications, Status, Appointments

Laws for SPB ("Law Governing the California State Civil Service Merit System")

Layoffs: Merit Issues (AB 3001)

Minimum Qualifications (with CalHR)

Precedential Decision

Probationary Periods

Regulations (CA Code of Regulations, Title 2, Division 1, PB (Chapter 1)/PERS (Chapter 2)/CalHR (Chapter 3) content interpretation (with CalHR)

Resolutions: Examinations

Separations - Involuntary (AWOL) (with CalHR)

SPB Laws (For Interpretation of Content)

SPB Quality Assurance Unit (with CalHR)


CalHR Personnel Functions

Adjustment of Seniority-Based Layoff

Administrative Time Off

Affirmative Action

Allocation Guidelines

Alternate Compensation

Alternate Salary Ranges

  • Changes to or Adding Classes to Existing
  • Interpretation of all Other Alternate Ranges
  • Interpretation of "Deep Class" Alternate Ranges
  • New Ranges

Annual Leave


  • AWOL Separation
  • AWOL Separation (Units 6 and 18)
  • Involuntary Transfer (Same Class)
  • Layoff
  • Managerial Bonus
  • Merit Salary Adjustments (MSA)
  • MSA (Non-Represented Employees)
  • Military Points and Seniority Scores
  • Out-of-Class
  • Salary Rate
  • Voluntary Resignation

Application for Examination (Contact: Exam Unit)


  • Backdates (Classification Decision)
  • Backdates (Eligibility)
  • Emergency
  • Illegal
  • Intermittent
  • Limited Term
  • Salary Rate
  • Temporary Authorization (TAU)

Appropriate Eligible Lists


  • Agreements
  • Classifications


Audit Unit


Benefits (General)

Bereavement Leave

Bilingual Pay

Bilingual Testing Policy

Bonus Pay


California Citizens Compensation Commission

Call Back Time

Career Credits (In Promotional Examinations)

Catastrophic Leave (Non-Represented Employees)

Catastrophic Leave (Represented Employees)


  • Change in Level
  • Examinations
  • New
  • Red Circle Rates
  • Refill of Position
  • Return Rights (Regular)
  • Return Rights (Improved)
  • Salary Cap
  • Salary Flat Rate

Certification (Eligible Lists)

Civil Service Reform

Classification and Pay Guide


  • Abolishment of
  • New
  • Revisions to

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Common Carrier Insurance

Comparable Civil Service Class

Compensating Time Off (CTO)


Cost of Living Increase

Decertification Petition

Deep Classes

  • Alternate Range Criteria (Establishment)
  • Movement Through Ranges (Minimum Qualifications, Status, Appts)
  • Minimum Qualifications, Status, Appointments

Deferred Compensation Program

Dental Program

Disability Insurance (Long Term)

Disabled Employment Programs

DPA Law Booklet

Drug Testing

  • Of Applicants
  • Of Employees

Dymally Alatorre Bilingual Services Act

Early Retirement

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Handbook

Employment History

Employment Lists


  • Administration
  • Consultation

Exempt Program

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Flexible Benefits

Grievances (Fourth Level)

Hiring Above Minimum (HAM)

  • Extraordinary Qualifications
  • Recruitment (New)


Hours of Work

Human Resources Quality Review (HRQR)

Incompatible Activities

Industrial Disability Leave (IDL)

Industrial Disability Retirement (Government Code 21021.5)

Informal Time Off (ITO)

Injured State Worker Assistance Program

Insurance Programs (Long Term Disability, Life Insurance, and other)

Intergovernmental Exchanges

Interpretation of "Deep Class" Alternate Ranges

Jury Duty

Language Services Survey

Lateral Transfers


  • CalHR ("Law Governing California State Personnel Administration")


  • General Information, Demotion Charts
  • Merit Issues (AB 3001)
  • Appeals
  • Reemployment Eligibility
  • Seniority Credits and Military Points
  • SROA/Surplus

Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP)

Legal Insurance


Life Insurance


Management/Supervisory Relations

Management Tenure

Maternity Leave

Medical Examinations for New Hires

Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)

Merit Awards

Merit Salary Adjustments (MSA)

Military Leave

Military Points (for Layoff)

Modified Classification Review (MCR)

Moving Expenses

MSA Appeals

MSA Appeals (Non-Represented Employees)



New Program Consultants

Next Step Program (Partial Disability Retirement Program)

Non-Industrial Disability Leave (NDI)

Non-Represented Employees

Organizational Structure of Departments

Out of Class

  • Assignments, Appeals, Decisions (by MOU), Negotiations, Grievances, Complaints
  • Decisions (by MOU)


Parental Leave

Part-Time, Seasonal, and Temporary (PST) Workers Retirement Program

Partial Service Retirement

Pay Differentials

  • General
  • Specific Study

Pay for Performance

Pay Letters

  • Exempt
  • Section I, Section II

Pay Scales (Civil Service and Exempt)

Per Diem

Performance Appraisals and Reports

Personal Leave Cash Out

Personal Leave Program (PLP)

Personal Services Contracts

Personnel Management Liaisons (PML)

Position Allocation

Premium Pay

Pre-Qualified Consultants

Probationary Reports


Publications (CalHR)

Psychological Screening


Red Circle CEAs

Red Circle Salary Rates

Reduced Work Time

Reemployment Lists

  • Certification of
  • Establishment of

Refusal to Examine or Certify

Regulations (CA Code of Regulations, Title 2, Division 1, PB (Chapter 1)/PERS (Chapter 2)/CalHR (Chapter 3) content interpretation (with SPB)


  • For Verification by Department PO

Reinstatement Laws/Regulations (Mandatory, Permissive)

Relocation Expenses

Resolutions: Examinations, Salary Comparison (Deep Classes) Status (with SPB)

Rest Periods

Retired Annuitant


  • Early/Partial
  • Part-Time, Seasonal, and Temporary Workers (PST)
  • Partial Disability Retirement Prog/NextStep Prog
  • Peace Officer/Firefighter
  • Safety Retirement
  • Second/Two Tier

Return to Work Rights

Safety Program

Safety (Working Conditions)


  • Adjustment, On Appointment, Determination Questions,
  • Differential
  • new classes, realignment studies
  • setting (negotiations), surveys

Savings Plus Program

Selection Analyst Certification Program

Selection (Examination) Manual

Seniority Credits

Separations - Involuntary (AWOL) (with SPB)

Service Award

Service Credits

Severance Petitions

Sick Leave

Smoking Policies

SPB Quality Assurance Unit (with SPB)

Specification, Class or Series

  • Interpreting Class Concepts
  • Interpreting Minimum Qualifications
  • Requests for Copies of
  • Revisions to

Special Consultants and DPA

Special In-Grade Salary Adjustments (SISA)

Special Salary Adjustments

Stand-by Time

State-Owned Housing

State Restriction of Appointment (SROA)

State Service Verification

Strategic Planning

  • Consulting
  • Training

Subsistence Allowance for Excluded Employees

Temporary Assignments

  • Compelling Management Need
  • Injured Employees
  • Interjurisdictional Exchange
  • Training and Development

Temporary Disability Leave

Temporary Loan of Employee

Terms and Conditions of Work


  • Chairing Oral Exams
  • Contracts (MOUs and Collective Bargaining Agreements Only)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO Counselor, Sexual Harassment Prevention)
  • Personnel Management (IPA, CEA Return Rights, Permissive Reinstatement and Transfers)

Selection Analyst Training

  • SPB Technical Training
  • Supervisory, Managerial, and Professional Skills (95 courses)

Training and Development Assignments


  • Between Classes and Appointing Powers
  • Of Functions per Government Code 19050.9

Transportation Incentives

Travel Allowance

Unfair Labor Practice Charges


Unpaid Leave

Unit Modification Petition

Upward Mobility Program


Vacation Buy Back Program

Variable Work Hours

Veterans Preference Filing

Veterans Preference Policy

Vision Care Program

Voluntary Personal Leave Program

Wellness Program

Withhold from Certification (Employment Lists)

Work Week Groups

  • Authorizing Changes to Rank and File
  • Implementing Changes to Rank and File
  • New or Excluded Classes
  • Special Allocations (Authorizing)
  • Special Allocations (Implementing)

Working Conditions

Workers' Compensation and Safety Program

W-2 Form - PST Retirement

  Updated: 8/5/2016
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