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Enterprise HR (EntHR) Statewide Initiative


Enterprise Human Resources (EntHR) is a statewide cross-agency initiative with associate governance co-chaired by the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR), California State Controller's Office (SCO) and California Department of Technology (CDT). The purpose of EntHR is to strategically improve employee processes and data management through automation.  Today, HR processes, procedures and reporting are typically manual across departments.  The types of challenges that exist statewide include:

  • Lack of data for departments to identify workforce challenges
  • Consistent implementation of statewide HR policies
  • Accurate time reporting to SCO
  • Determination of scope and magnitude of issues related to employee satisfaction
  • Consistency for tracking training history and training costs statewide
  • Enterprise reporting on workforce data
  • Simplified sharing of employee data across departments
  • Consistent securing of employee information statewide
  • Varying degrees of HR solution automation and integration

EntHR will help define enterprise strategies for addressing these business challenges including, but not limited to, business processes, data, and technology.  This will provide solutions for promoting statewide interoperability and data sharing across departments.


The purpose of EntHR is to improve employee HR processes, data standardization, data structure, improved quality of data and higher volume of data statewide through strategic roadmaps and improvement initiatives.  The means providing business value to employees, employers, and California citizens in the following ways:

  • Improvement of employee experience
  • Simplification and standardization of departmental HR data sharing
  • Reduce risk to the state due to non-compliance with HR policies and practices
  • Standardize enterprise HR technology solutions


The objectives defined above are at a foundational level through EntHR workshops and through the development of plans and designs:

  • Departments will have a shared understanding of strategic HR Management business goals 
  • State leaders and strategists will be better aligned to prioritize workforce investments
  • Departments will be able to guide their specific initiatives to achieve defined business results based on a statewide strategic roadmap
  • The State of California will have the ability to collect more accurate and comprehensive employee HR data in a central repository

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  Updated: 3/9/2018
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