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CA Leadership Academy

The California Leadership Academy provides foundational training for supervisors, managers, and executives in state service. To learn more about State leadership training and development requirements, please navigate to this page: Require​ments.

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​Executive Development Program - NEW UPDATE

This exciting new executive education program is designed to meet the 20 hour training needs of newly appointed Chief Executive Administrators (CEA or equivalent) under Government Code 19995.4.

Serving the diverse and ever changing needs of California citizens requires innovative thinking, team building, and incredible leadership. The California Executive Development Program develops innovative executives to deliver exceptional results to California. By the end of this program you will be able to apply critical skills to lead divisions, build a resilient culture, lead change effectively, and develop the states most important resource: our people.

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Supervisor Development Program

The Supervisor Development Program ensures there is a progressive and integrated process to develop leaders in state service. This program is intended to assist departments in preparing all newly appointed supervisors with their transition into a new leadership role, as well as to develop their leadership skills.

The Supervisor Development Program has been specifically designed to meet the required 80-hour training needs of newly appointed supervisors (Staff Services Manager I or equivalent).

Manager Development Program

This cohort has been specifically designed to meet the required 40 hour training needs of newly appointed managers (Staff Services Manager II/III or equivalent).

​Emerging Leaders

Each cohort selects one colleague who best exemplifies the philosophy, values, and competencies of the California Leadership Academy's Manager Development Program to receive the Emerging Leader award. The award entitles the recipient to three days of complementary training from the Statewide Training Center.



Statewide Training Center Training Center(916) S Street, North Building, Suite 500California95811-7258California Department of Human Resources

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