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Phase 4 - Implement Strategies

Implement the plan! The basis of the plan, as well as its elements, should be communicated to all employees. Include why and how it was developed, how it will be applied, and how it will impact staff. Follow the action plan and communication plan to ensure measureable progress will be made on each strategy in the plan.


This phase ensures the analysis and strategies developed in previous phases are put into measureable action.


A coordinated and measureable effort by to carry out and support the strategies in the workforce plan.

Steps to Accomplish the Deliverable

  1. Follow action plan and evaluate progress.
  2. Establish governance to ensure accountability and success.​
  3. Provide training to all parties identified in the action plan regarding their responsibilities, and supply tools and resources needed to successfully carry out their responsibilities.
  4. Develop a communication plan to ensure timely and appropriate communication for bringing awareness to the workforce plan, sharing progress with leadership, employees and other stakeholders, and maintain engagement and support for the plan's strategies.

Tools to Assist with Steps

Detailed Information to Assist with Steps 

Ensure Successful Implementation

  • Closely follow the action plan and communication plan from the previous phase.
  • Track progress by developing a project plan based on the action plan.
  • Gain support by bringing awareness to the availability of the workforce plan.
  • Maintain executive support by sharing progress.
  • Follow change management practices to ensure buy-in.
  • Involve your change agents very early on in the process.
  • Ensure that stakeholders are aware and informed of each milestone.
  • Report small wins and successes.
  • Provide feedback to all levels of the department.

Step 2: Establish Governance

Governance helps ensure:

  • Implementation success.
  • Continued maintenance of the workforce plan activities.
  • Enterprise-wide focused.
  • Collaboration across divisions/program areas.

Establish governance by:

  • Utilizing current structure which may include:
    • Strategic Governance/Executive Council
    • Steering or Action Committees, Goal Teams
    • Project Management Office

  • Creating new structure.
  • Ensuring the right size/structure to best fit your organization and plan.

Step 4: Establish A Communication Plan

Develop a communication plan that brings awareness to the existence of your organization's workforce plan. Increased awareness can increase support for your workforce planning efforts. Keep in mind that you may need to also develop a communication plan for each strategy included in your workforce plan. Communication plans should include:

  • Clear objective(s)—Align to the desired outcome.
  • Overview of the message—Address the ‘What’s In It For Me’ (WIIFM).
  • Communication method(s): face-to-face workshop, email, poster, flyer, video clip, etc.—Ensure communication method provides the opportunity for two-way communication.
  • Responsible party(ies)—The individual who develops the communication may not be the most appropriate person to deliver the communication.  Ensure employees are receiving the communication from a  valued source, such as their direct Manager/Supervisor.
  • Identification of all pertinent audiences.
  • Target date(s) and/or milestones when progress updates are to occur.
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