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Virtual Help Desk for Supervisors and Managers

​What is this help desk?

The Supervisors Virtual Help Desk was created to provide supervisors and managers a high-level overview of basic HR processes. It is designed to provide basic information, ideas, suggestions, best practices, etc. It is not a replacement for the consultants in Human Resources Offices, nor is it meant to replace or supersede any department policies that your department has in place.

Remember, with collective bargaining, the terms and conditions of employment for rank and file employees are contained in their bargaining unit contract. Not all of the contracts' provisions for rank and file employees are the same. When a subject matter is covered in the contract, it is imperative to refer to the appropriate bargaining unit contract to ensure you do not violate any of the contract provision that have been negotiated between the state and the union. Review copies of the contracts by bargaining unit.

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  Updated: 8/28/2023
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