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California Network of Learning Professionals Forum

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CNLP logoWho is CNLP?

The CNLP Board provides leadership, advocacy, and strategic direction to facilitate collaboration, partnerships, and networking with the State of California’s learning and development community.

The CNLP recommends that you join the California Trainers ListServ and gain access to the CalHR Online Forum to receive CNLP information and other emails from the CA state training community. 

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Visit the CalHR Online Forum site to find CNLP and Special Interest Group discussion boards, resources, and more.

To gain access to the Online Forum, click on the blue box to Subscribe above:

  1. When the Outlook box pops up, click Allow. When the email is displayed, enter in the email body that you need access to the CalHR Online Forum.
  2. You will then receive an email that asks you to create a password (username is your email).
  3. Save your password so you can easily access the CalHR Forum SharePoint platform.


We are a supportive alliance of learning professionals collaboratively networking to provide the California state workforce effective and timely learning solutions.

CNLP Quarterly Event

November 3, 2022 –​ Best Practices Making an Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The purpose of the CNLP SIGs is to provide a networking forum for people that share an interest in a particular topic related to learning and professional development.  Additionally, SIGs allow members to collaborate with a focused network of professionals outside of the quarterly CNLP Forums.

​Use the link below to obtain the SIG Event Details and Resources.  Or, type in your browser.

SIG Event Details & Resources​


​Contact: Ginger Wiseman

The e Learning Special Interest Group is a bi-quarterly meeting for state employees gather to advance a specific area of knowledge related to eLearning through discussion and collaboration. Topics include but are not limited to: instructional design, curriculum development, learning theory, research, and tools. The eLearning SIG is intended to help members design, develop, and implement instruction in online settings and integrate with existing platforms such as LMS systems, SharePoint sites, and other hosting platforms.



Contact: Alicia Altman​​​

The Staff Development Special Interest Group is a community of practice dedicated to the development of the State of California's staff professionals through knowledge and resource sharing, feedback, and discussion of best practices.



​​​Contact: Will Phung

​The CNLP Leadership SIG explores topics for leadership development and provides resources and best practices to share within your departments.

Attendance is encouraged for anyone interested in professional growth in leadership development.​​

​​Board Members​

Ava​ Loe  Chair, California Conservation Corps
Lisa​​ Bacon Vice Chair, Department of Consumer Affairs​​
Tayl​or Schultze  Marketing Director, California Department of Human Resources​
Michael Cicchitti  Membership Director, Franchise Tax Board
Sunnie Munar  Communications Director, State Controller's Office​
Meghan Feenstra ​ Accessibility Director, Franchise Tax Board
Karyn Lombard  Rep of Large Agencies, Employment Development Department
​Victoria Quiambao  Rep of Medium Agencies, ​Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation​ 
Amy Nesbit  Rep of Medium Agencies,​​ Department of State Hospitals
Mike Clearwater  Rep of Small Agencies, California State Library​​​
Mickey Griffith​​  Rep of Small Agencies,​​ Victim Compensation Fund ​​​

CalHR Executive Sponsor

​​John Sanborn ​ Chief Learning Officer​​​​​​​​​​​
  Updated: 8/25/2022
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