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Phase 5 - Evaluate the Workforce Plan

Once you implement the plan, evaluate your efforts in order to ensure you are accomplishing your strategies, closing staffing and competency gaps, and efforts are benefiting internal and external stakeholders and the organization as a whole.


This phase allows you to evaluate all components of the workforce plan to ensure they are effectively accomplishing desired outcomes.


An evaluation of the outcomes and effectiveness of the workforce plan and related activities.

Steps to Accomplish the Deliverable

  1. Evaluate the workforce plan and ongoing activities related to the plan's strategies.

  2. Add appendices to the workforce plan with all changes and updates to the plan.

Tools to Assist with Steps

Step 1:

Step 2: 

Detailed Information to Assist with Steps 

Step 1: Evaluate The Workforce Plan

Use the Workforce Plan Checklist PDF​  to evaluate all aspects of the workforce plan. Look for measureable changes related to the strategies you have implemented, such as:

  • Review of key performance indicators and benchmarks included in Action Plan. ​
  • An explicit link between skill improvement and organization performance
  • An increase in the quality and performance of hires
  • Testimonial evidence from employees and management expressing employee development is relevant and encouraged
  • Indications of integrated work unit coordination and communication
  • Feedback from managers and staff about the effectiveness of workforce planning and the return on investment
  • Reduced cycle times from job candidate requisition to hire
  • Percentage of key positions filled by internal candidates who participated in succession management programs

Continuous Improvement

Document lessons learned from the workforce planning process by following up with the Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities PDF ​ about:

  • What the organization learned from undergoing the workforce planning process
  • How the organization will implement what was learned
  • Which strategies worked well and which strategies did not work as well
  • What key staff played major roles in the workforce planning effort
  • Process and structural improvements brought about by the workforce plan's strategies that enhanced the organization's ability to accomplish its goals
  • Ensuring that workforce planning is integrated into the strategic plan
  • Ways to accommodate greater organizational efficiency

Step 2: Incorporate Updates

Document every change made to the workforce plan, including the reason for the change. Rather than overhaul the plan itself, add an appendix to the workforce plan with each new change. The following organizational changes may indicate that your plan needs to be updated:

  • Changes to the organizational structure
  • New or updated strategic plan
  • Changes in major policy/law/code

Workforce planning should be formally undertaken every three to five years or as major organizational changes arise, whichever is sooner. However, the workforce plan should be evaluated on a continual basis to ensure that the strategies are still effectively meeting the organization's needs. Consider the following continuous activities:

  • Preparing annual reports of the workforce plan to share with management
  • Reviewing your organization's workforce profile, created in Phase 2 Step 1, on an annual basis to address new priorities and adjust strategies to maximize results; and
  • Collecting data on customer satisfaction and organizational progress to measure how workforce planning contributes​

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