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The State of California offers unique and distinctive awards for ideas, employee excellence, career accomplishments, and for going above and beyond the call of duty.

This informational page gives you a taste of what you may be in store for during your State career.

  • The Employee Suggestion Prog​​​ram is designed to recognize State employees who use their ideas and creative thinking to reduce operating costs, improve procedures, and eliminate hazards among other things - The reward could mean cash in your pocket

  • Superior Accomplishment Awards are given at two levels: One award is for performance resulting in exceptional contribution to improving State government; another award is for Sustained Superior Accomplishment over a two year period - The Merit Award Program is responsible for the administration of these awards, which are used for recognizing teams as well as individuals
  • The Medal of Valor is the highest honor the State can bestow upon its employees and is awarded to individuals who have performed an extraordinary act of heroism above and beyond the call of duty to save the life of another person, have risked their own lives to save someone or have saved State property from​ damage or destruction - Although honorees typically include law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and lifeguards, the award also has been given to State employees who did not work in hazardous positions but found themselves in situations where they risked their life to render assistance to someone in danger

Employee Wellness Program

The statewide Employee Wellness Program provides health promotion information, resources, and direction to State agencies to help them develop programs that promote healthy lifestyles for their employees.
Designated departmental Wellness Coordinators, working within each State agency, provide the programs and activities conducted at their work sites. If you have questions, contact your Wellness Coordinator.

For more information, visit our Employee Wellness Program webpage.

Travel and Per Diem

Employees who are required to travel as part of their work assignment will receive reimbursement for appropriate expenses. In some cases, employees may request an advance on the expenses they expect to incur.

There are very specific rules and regulations regarding travel and reimbursement amounts. Ask your supervisor for details on authorizations, expense limits, travel advances, and reservation procedures if you are scheduled to travel.

You may also get more information on Travel and Per Diem from your department's Personnel Office.


Employees who are required to relocate as part of their work assignment may receive reimbursement for appropriate expenses. Relocation may apply to newly hired employees as well as current State employees.

There are very specific rules regarding the reimbursement of expenses associated with a State-approved relocation. You may contact your department's Personnel Office for information regarding relocation authorizations, expense limits, and allowances.


Partial Service Retirement

Partial Service Retirement is a State program with the goal of retaining seasoned employees who otherwise had planned to retire completely.

There are advantages of a partial service retirement such as enjoying reduced work hours while earning a paycheck and receiving a partial retirement allowance at the same time.

Applications for this benefit must be approved by the affected State employer. For more information on Partial Service Retirement, contact your department's Personnel Office.

Partial Service Retirement Application (CalHR Form 062) PDF

Retiree Vision Program

Retired employees can elect to participate in the Retiree Vision Program. This program is a voluntary benefit and the premium will be fully paid by enrolled retirees with a monthly deduction from their retirement check.

For more information, visit the Retiree Vision Program webpage.

Retiree Group Legal Services Insurance Plan

The state offers a Retiree Group Legal Services Insurance Plan (Plan) to all eligible employees who retire from state service and current retirees and annuitants. The Retiree Group Legal Services Insurance Plan is an important part of the State's benefits package because it can help get sound advice and representation to quickly resolve your legal problems. Chances are, at one time or another, you may need an attorney. However, legal problems can be very confusing and costly. When they come unexpectedly, they can present a huge financial burden, not to mention the time you spend searching for just the right lawyer. Good California attorneys can cost $353 or more per hour. As a member of the state's retiree legal plan, you can face your problems with the confidence that solid legal coverage provides.

More information on Retiree Group Legal Services

State-Owned Housing

Some State of California departments provide housing accommodations to certain employees. Each State agency that provides housing for employees has the authority and responsibility to establish and adjust rental rates, maintain housing in good condition, and dispose of any housing that cannot be economically maintained.

For more information on State owned Housing, contact your department's Personnel Office.

​This ends the "My Benefits" section of the New Employee Orientation.

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