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Pay Package for Exempts and Excluded Employees

Pay Package for Exempts and Excluded Employees

The Governor issued Executive Order S-15-10 announcing the 2010-2011 pay package for excluded and exempt employees. Changes affecting current excluded and exempt employees are summarized below.

Pensions: Effective November 2, 2010, employee retirement contributions will increase by 3 percent. For the Miscellaneous category, it goes from 5 percent to 8 percent of pay over $513/month; for Safety, it goes from 6 to 9 percent of pay over $317/month. There are no changes in the pension formulas for current employees.

PLP: Effective November 2, 2010, pay will be reduced by the equivalent of one day per month, for 12 months, in exchange for 12 days of "personal leave." This leave cannot be cashed out. While this PLP program is in effect, employees covered by it will not be subject to furloughs. (The PLP does not apply to exempt appointees whose pay is set by statute; their pay will be reduced by the same amount but without any leave time in return.)

Furloughs: The current furlough program remains in effect through the end of October 2010, for a total of nine furlough days this fiscal year for employees covered by the current furloughs.

Pay Ranges: Effective July 1, 2013, an additional step will be added to civil service and exempt pay ranges, raising the maximum pay for these classes by 3 percent. Only employees who reach the top step will be affected by this change.

Professional Development: Excluded employees and non-statutory exempt employees will be entitled to two days of professional development leave per fiscal year. This leave must be used in the fiscal year it's accrued. Unused leave cannot be cashed out.

Full details will be provided in a memo to personnel offices.

  Updated: 4/26/2012
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