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Learning Management System


In January 2017, CalHR partnered with the California Department of Technology (CDT) and the State Controller’s Office to develop an Enterprise Human Resource (EntHR) strategy for improving employee processes and data statewide through strategic roadmaps and improvement initiatives. The purpose of EntHR is to provide business value to employees, employers, and California citizens.

The Learning Management System (LMS) Project was the initial EntHR improvement initiative that began in July 2017. This project will provide departments with a streamlined approach for acquiring an LMS ​solution with statewide information sharing and data exchange capabilities. In October 2017, the LMS Project finalized the requirements collected from participating departments.


  • Provide the ability for statewide tracking and management of employee training records
    1. Students
    2. Courses
    3. Class Offerings
    4. Mandated Training
  • Creates a consistent method of tracking employee records utilizing a unique employee ID.
  • Enable the ability to use electronic education technology from department to department
  • Standardized approach to creating, maintaining and offering training
  • Simplified procurment option through CDT's Vendor Hosted Subscription Service (VHSS)


  • Central repository for employee training information
  • Statewide standards for LMS capabilities
  • Standard requirements specification
  • Compliance tracking for mandated training

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Chief Learning Officer​

Statewide Talent Development

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