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Why can't I hear sound?Why can't I hear sound?<p><strong>Speakers or headphones</strong> - Ensure you have speakers or headphones connected to your computer, and that they work properly.</p><p><strong>Join the Integrated Voice Conference</strong> - At the beginning of the webinar, the host will start this service, and everyone who is already logged in, as well as eveyrone who logs in after that point, will receive a prompt to join the Integrated Voice Conference. If you do not join the Integrated Voice Conference when prompted, you can do so during the webinar. The option appears in a dropdown menu at the top of the WebEx screen.</p>
How do I ask questions or make a comment?How do I ask questions or make a comment?Use the Chat panel during the webinar to type your question or comment. Send your message to the Host. You will not use a microphone to speak to the presenters, and there is no conference line for you to call in.
How can I make sure WebEx will work on my computer?How can I make sure WebEx will work on my computer?<p>Before the webinar, run the <a href="">WebEx compatibility test</a>.</p>
When will I receive my webinar link and password?When will I receive my webinar link and password?<p>​CalHR sends the webinar link and password to registered participants four calendar days before the webinar.</p>

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