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Are you eligible for state benefits?Are you eligible for state benefits?<p>You are eligible for health, dental, and vision benefits if you meet any of the following conditions:</p><ul><li> If you have a permanent appointment of half time or more.</li><li> If you have a Limited Term (LT) or Temporary Authorized Utilization (TAU) appointment with a duration of more than 6 months and time base of half time or more.</li><li>If you are a Bargaining Unit (BU) 5 employee, you are eligible upon entry into the academy, based on your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).</li><li>If you are a BU 6 employee, you are eligible upon graduation from the academy, based on your MOU.<br>· If you are a Seasonal Lifeguard II employee in BU 7, you are only eligible for dental and vision benefits, based on your MOU.</li><li>If you are a seasonal employee in BU 8, you are eligible, based on your MOU.</li><li>If you have a permanent intermittent (PI) appointment and are credited with a minimum of 480 paid hours at the end of a control period. An enrolled PI may continue coverage if they are credited with a minimum of 480 paid hours at the end of a control period or at least 960 paid hours in two consecutive control periods. The control periods are January 1 to June 30 and July 1 to December 31.</li></ul>
Are there any restrictions on enrollment?Are there any restrictions on enrollment?<h3>Health</h3><p>No. There are no restrictions on enrollment if you are eligible to enroll and submit your enrollment form on time. Late submission of your health enrollment form will cause a 90-day delay in your health enrollment.</p> <h3>Dental</h3><p>Yes. All eligible, newly hired employees in BUs 1 through 21(except certain groups noted below), if enrolling into dental benefits, are required to select a prepaid plan until they have completed 24 months of employment without a permanent break in service.</p><p>All eligible, newly hired employees in BUs 2, 7, 8, 16, 17, 18, 19, and excluded employees (non-represented) are not restricted to state-sponsored prepaid plans, and may select a Delta PPO plan.</p><p>BU 5 employees must elect their dental coverage from one of the state-sponsored prepaid dental plans until completion of the 24-month restriction period. BU 5 employees paying dues to their union are restricted to enrollment in the CAHP dental plan.</p><p>BU 6 employees may only enroll into the union sponsored California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) dental plans. BU 6 employees enrolling into dental benefits must be enrolled in the CCPOA Western Dental plan for 12 months prior to enrollment into the CCPOA Primary Dental plan.</p><h3>Vision</h3><p>No. All eligible, newly hired employees in BUs 1 through 21, are eligible if they meet the time base and tenure conditions or worked the required number of hours (if a PI employee).</p><p>Employees in BU 6 are required to have the CCPOA vision plan.</p>
What if I transfer to another bargaining unit?What if I transfer to another bargaining unit?<p>​All health enrollment rules remain the same.</p><p>All dental and vision eligibility rules remain the same, unless your current MOU has specific requirements.</p>
Are my dependents eligible?Are my dependents eligible?<p>​Yes.</p><p>Eligible Family Members you can enroll into your health, dental, and/or vision plans include your spouse (legally married), domestic partner (certified by the Secretary of State), and any "eligible child(ren)".</p><p>You cannot enroll a common law spouse.</p>
Who are considered eligible dependent children?Who are considered eligible dependent children?<p>Children include: natural, adopted, stepchildren or a child living in a parent-child relationship who is economically dependent upon the employee, or an economically dependent child* where economic dependency is created through a change of custody or through a court order and under age 26.</p><p>*Includes any child whom the employee has assumed a parent-child relationship up to the age of 26.</p><h3>Medically Disabled Eligible Dependent Children</h3> <p>The disabled dependent may be continued under such coverage up to the age of 26 under the following conditions:</p><ul><li>He/she was enrolled as a disabled child at the time of the employee's initial enrollment; or</li><li>He/she became disabled while enrolled as an eligible family member prior to attaining age 26.</li></ul><p>The following disabled dependent children are excluded from coverage if:</p><ul><li>His/her disability occurred after age 26.</li><li>He/she is over age 26 and was enrolled in dental benefits and later deleted from any state-sponsored dental plan.</li><li>He/she is over age 26 and not currently enrolled in any state-sponsored dental plan.</li></ul>
What information do I need to provide for my eligible dependents?What information do I need to provide for my eligible dependents?When you add a dependent onto your health, dental and/or vision plan, all necessary documentation of the dependent’s eligibility is required to be provided to your personnel office at the time you submit your enrollment request. For more information on what you will need to provide your human resources office, please refer to the Dependent Eligibility Checklist (CalHR form 781).

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